Storyline A PSA from the Desperadoes

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  1. The titantron comes on. The camera cuts to a hallway with wrestling and music posters covering the walls. We see William and Andrew walk out in front of the camera.

    Spinzz: Hi. I’m Spinzz, IWT superstar, tag team specialist and international rock star. Nowadays, I’m teaming with this guy right here: Andrew.

    Spinzz pats Andrew on the back as they continue to walk down the hallway.

    Spinzz: But before that I was teaming with another good friend of mine, a man known as Eric Draven. But that was before Eric Draven changed, before he saw the order of the night.

    Spinzz: Back in the day, Draven was highly athletic.

    Shot of Draven flying off the top rope

    Spinzz: Fun loving.

    Shot of Draven dancing and having fun

    Spinzz: And handsome.

    Shot of Draven grooming himself in the mirror

    Spinzz: But since seeing the order of the night, and how corny they are, he has taken a turn for the worse.

    Spinzz opens a door and we see a darkly lit room with a couch, a tv and nothing more in it apart from pizza cartons, beer bottles and the disheveled form of Eric Draven.

    Andrew: Draven saw the order right before he was supposed to challenge for the intercontinental championship, and fell into a deep depression.

    Spinzz: Draven now spends most of his days right here drinking, sleeping, and furiously masturbating. We've been doing what we can, but we can only do so much as long as The Order is around.

    Andrew and Spinzz try to help Draven up but they see something like foam around his mouth so they back off.

    Andrew: seems as if he's contracted rabies from their wolf.

    Spinzz: Are they even allowed to have that thing? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

    Andrew: Draven saw the order, and he got so depressed and tired of life, because they are total tools. And thus we have this husk of a man sitting in that couch right now instead of one of the most radical men in the business.

    Spinzz: And such tooley-ness can only mean one thing: The order is just plain evil. No group of people could be such tools and not be evil.

    Andrew: So please, spay and neuter your pets, teach your children to read. And most importantly of all: Don’t let your children see or listen to the Order of the night.

    Spinzz: Because they are, total tools.

    Spinzz and Andrew close the door and walk off screen. The screen fades into a test image with the following text:

    The following has been paid for by the Rock N’ Roll Desperadoes and the order of the night is a group of tools foundation.
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  2. OOC: Felt like a Truth commercial
  3. reminds me of the MCMG promo on Beer Money
  4. That's where we got the inspiration yes.