Storyline A Quick Interview With The Contender

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  1. *The scene opens up backstage where the backstage interviewer is walking through the hallway looking for someone. He eventually sees Joey Bryant and quickly runs up to him. Joey is just sitting on a crate reading something on a sheet of paper.*

    Interviewer: Joey, there must be a lot going through your head. A new stable has formed here in IWT and they're quickly looking to take over. That being DX. You've been quiet the last month but there has to be something going through your head?

    *Joey puts the paper down and looks straight into the camera with an emotionless stare.*

    "Look unless you have something worth my time to ask me.... Why would I have thoughts? Okay, great, wow Dat Kid returns with Danielson at his side!"

    *Joey starts applauding*

    "Is that supposed to make me jump up and cheer or something? I know the fans did. But unlike you assholes I never left here just because I lost faith in the company, I'm here to win and you guys are just here to make people laugh. Sorry but you're in the wrong building, the comedy club is right down the street they sure could use a couple of clowns. And whoa all of sudden Nick appears with his buddy Dick, is that supposed to make me shocked? No. Nick goes wherever there's someone to hide behind. And his little buddy, good luck. AND THEN WHOA WAIT THERE'S MORE. Like a fucking Billy Mays commercial. Jonathon of course gets involved in some way and now the whole IWT roster is focusing on DX instead of me, I never left. Your contender never... left."

    Interviewer: And what about you and the Alliance? Are you guys going to get involved? I mean Adam said...

    "Hush. Adam likes to run his mouth a lot and get involved in whatever has a big name. I respect the guy, but I'm not getting involved. My mind set and determination needs to be set on the title not some group that's probably going to end up leaving again anyway just because they're a little unhappy. There can't be much else you want. Scram."

    *With that, the scene fades to black.*
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  2. OOC: Little buddy = Little Dick. Oh ho ho I see how it is. :dawg:
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