OOC A quick update, and looking to the next few weeks in IWT

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    Alright, so tomorrow will be my day off and I plan on getting some IWT work done. It's been a quick minute, but people are hitting me with ideas left and right. I like the ideas, but for this posting I would like to focus on the generals, and i'd like some input and output from our members.

    Here is an Idea presented to me by Seab, and I built on it but am open to either/or: We have a thread or area to show whether characters are heel, babyface, face, etc...and I think a Bio like we did in our older feds ran by Stop and Sack did. I think it will be a good way to see characters developing over time and where people are at currently. ONE MAJOR DOWNFALL will be that IWT simply cannot have 8 heels and one babyface, @Snowman isn't in IWT.

    I also want input on when to get the title match and other tournament matches finished, and I think this weekend is best. I need help as i'm currently putting in 55-60 hour work weeks and am going to a brewers game this weekend, but everyone who contributed in IWT this PPV proved this isn't dead and still can be fun, I just need some trust and help for another 2 months while we build towards a big summers end planned event. I know this can be our busiest time, but our age range really is erratic as it is.

    S'go, input please. What do you want to see in IWT now/soon, big picture.
  2. I don't know about where IWT should go from here but I'll be along for the ride. I did want to mention that I liked how all the matches started at basically the same time on the last show.
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