Storyline A Quick Word From Alias Antonio.

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  1. *The scene commences with a camera man walking down the hallway, before suddenly stopping. They see a man from a distance and zoom in on him, that man is of course, Alias Antonio. They approach him*

    Let me guess, want my thoughts on my match at Mania!? I could go on a rhetoric and talk shit about this match for as long as I want to, but I have learnt to relish every moment you have left in the midcard, because once you're done with it, there's no going back. Of course, unless you're Dat Kid.

    But with all things said and done these past few months about my status in this company, I have finally come to the conclusion to not worry one bit. Because in the long run, I'll be the one defeating IWT Management, I will be the one hoisting the IWT title up in the air as the vociferous crowd roar and cheer on for "God's Worst Nightmare" Alias Antonio in the near future, I will be.......IWT!

    But as one man said, do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. And that is what I'm doing right now, I am meditating, I am deeply thinking about this match with absorption. Because no matter how many times I've deterred and dejected this belt and it's legacy, it is the thing I need most in my life right now. Cole, Aiden. You're just two more kids in the midst of the Alias wrath of destruction. And tomorrow.......tomorrow marks the beginning of my career assurance. Good luck fellas.

    Shit is going down, be prepared.

    *Alias swiftly walks away, out of the cameras sight*
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