Kayfabe A real challenge...

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  1. *Spike walks out with the European title around his waist and makes his way down to the ring, signals for a mic.*

    Spike Cox: This week i face Buster Gates. The undisputed champion, the undefeated undisputed champion might i add. And he owns half the company, so whats stoping him from making a random nobody face me? Which wouldn't be a bad idea if he wants to stay undefeated. Cause i guarantee not only Could i beat him, but i could do it with one hand behind my back. So i wouldn't blame him for not wanting to face me, cause who wants to face a monster? You'd hace to have a death wish. But lets talk a little about me being the new European champion. I didn't win it the way i wanted, i prefer to destroy my opponent before taking my prize. But i cant really complain about being handed the title, its the smartest thing I've seen since ive got here. But Can't really say that much around here since the arena is filled with all you idiots! *crowd boo* Soooo, anyway, if i face Buster Gates in this champion vs champion match, thats if he's got the balls to show up tonight. I will beat him in record time and then ill declare myself the new! Number one contender! Because someone of my ability, my size deserves a hell of alot better then facing all these worthless nobodys. I deserve a real challenge. But i doubt Buster will show. Ohh well guess im destroying more nobodys tonight... *Spike drops the mic and exits the ring making his way up the ramp to the back.*