Storyline A Reminder.

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  1. The Commentators are talking after an impressive opening to SummerSlam.

    "What is this?"
    The commentators ask as the lights dim, and the colored numbers begin it's countdown.
    The Fans begin to join in the count.

    The Countdown finishes as the entire arena turns pitch black, the whispering between the fans is heard before a theme blasts.

    The Audience erupts at the surprise, as Aiden Ryan bursts out from the stage.
    "What a lovely surprise for these fans here tonight, for those who do not recall Aiden Ryan was in a two round tournament to determine the number contender for the x division championship that is being defended here tonight, Jwab being the challenger, Nick being the champion. However in the first round contest Aiden Ryan had hurt his leg prior to being in the finals. Which cost him the contest between Jwab. Take a look."

    The SummerSlam Logo Swipes across the screen as the match is display.

    Aiden Ryan is now shown in the middle of the ring with microphone in hand, he lifts the microphone and begins to speak.

    "I know i stated that i would not be competing this year at summerslam, however that is not why i am out here this evening. I am here for one reason, and one reason only. to give those a little reminder of what is to come after I get this damn bandage off my leg. You see after Summerslam I am not going to sit behind the curtains and pretend to be that nice guy that i once was letting every single talent walk past me to gain that little bit of momentum. that little bit of momentum that leads them to a championship match, I am not going to sit behind and pretend like nothing happened. You see there was a reason as to why i made it to the finals of X-communication, but there is also a reason as to why i did not make it to the finals"

    Aiden lowers his free hand to his leg, and nods.

    "You see, I may not have been psychically ready to be number one contender, but I know... They know... You all know, That I am mentally ready. And no matter how many times people throw my past in my face, degrade my mental condition, they will never be able to create the history that I had made with Trevor Raynor, Norr with Jwab that I did. you see the X division, brings excitement, unpredictability and you saw exactly that at X- communication. Am I mad that I lost to a hollywood lameshot? Yes. Infuriated if you may, However that should not amplify the queston of "Will Aiden rise back up." it only makes me more determine to prove each and every single fucker wrong, each one of those people who state "You're not ready." BItches, I been ready, I been focused, I been working my ass off for this moment and no one can say otherwise. After SummerSlam, I will prove exactly what I've been proving this whole time. And not some newbie, not some hollywood star, not even a manged talent can stop me. You will see me standing on top of this division as i rightfully should be as your prince of dark despair, the only difference is, i said it before i'll say it again. I won't be a prince... I'll be your king, and you will all bow down to the one, the only, the ever so magnificent. Aiden Ryan. Don't misguide my height, don't misguide my past because THAT is what is going to fuck you over in the end, So my fellow strivers, listen up. Those who are competing to make their name in the X division tonight, Break a leg tonight... Because it'll make it ten times more easier for you, then to receive the thrashing i will lay upon each and everyone single one of you.

    Here's to a grand pay per view for the X Division, and an even grander path for Aiden Ryan."

    Aiden Ryan lifts his middle finger up towards the camera as his music then blasts then arena. the audience begins to clap and cheer as he lowers his finger and blows the camera a kiss.
    He backs away from the camera and exits the ring via the middle rope.

    "I sure do hope the X Division is listening because it seem's Aiden Ryan is on their mark."

    The Camera then switches to Aiden Ryan who does a slow bow on the stage, he then makes his way backstage.

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  2. OOC: The commentators are Aids Johnson and Farooq..:heenan: