A repackaged return

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  1. The music begins to fill the arena as the crowd makes a pop, a mixture of cheers and boos, Farooq walks out onto the stage. Dressed in a suit, with his fro puffed to the max, of course bigger then it was then when he was lastly in IWT. Farooq walks down onto the ramp, looking at both sides of the crowd, turning his head left and right as he is met with continuous boos, but cheers were topped with the boos as well. Farooq walks up the stairs and enters the ring through the ropes. Farooq looks at the crowd of IWT, amazed on how it grew in size and chuckled. He then picked up a microphone that the announcer left near one of the ring posts.​
    As Farooq paced back and forth he softly tapped the top of the microphone against the palm of his left left hand. "This...is my return, as a original in this company." Farooq said with a smile as people continued to shower him with the mixed reaction. "I understand why most of you may dislike me, or even despise me. When I first came here, I was disrespectful to you all, mocking the foundation of this company, you the fans. For that, I apologize." As Farooq spoke the cheers began to drown down the boos, "I even walked out in this company with the championship that I called my own, the United States championship, the original belt, which I left outside the door of the current champion's door, for my thievery I apologize as well." The fans began to cheer louder now as Farooq looked at them. ​
    "Now, I want to ask you all, to please hold your cheers, I want the entire IWT to hear what I have to say." The crowd slowly began to descend in cheers as Farooq climbed onto the turnbuckle, nearest to the commentary table, the former US champion looked out onto the fans. "Right now, I don't deserve a title shot, nor am I asking for one. I will become the IWT champion someday....but today, is not that day. Today I will however challenge one man, one man whom I have some respect for which is why I ask for this match." Farooq says as he smiles and takes a long pause. "I have traveled the world, around, met many people, learned many things, and became more intelligent, and more towards the way of peace and happiness. This man, does not threaten the light of this show, this man is one I, myself want the honor of fighting." Farooq takes another pause and looks at the crowd.​
    The crowd begans to chant, "Randy! Randy!" Farooq chuckles and shakes his head, "Nope, the man who I challenge for tonight, for a one on one fight, no titles, a match of respect. I choose Danielson! I respect you enough, to call you out, for we can engage in a battle, a respectful battle of honor." Farooq said as he awaited for Danielson to come out. ​

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  2. Great stuff and I respect you very much. I accept. When do you want to have this one night only match?
  3. "Maybe tomorrow....maybe the next day....next week....or maybe....." Farooq said as he looks to the fans and gets off of the turnbuckle. "We can start this match today!" The crowd goes wild as they cheer after Farooq speaks.