Kayfabe A Rotten Fruit.

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  1. *The crowd hears Robert's theme song play, the crowd gives a massive boo as Robert makes his way down to the ring, his World Heavyweight championship draped over his shoulder. He slowly enters through the ropes and grabs a microphone, pacing the ring back and forth with a small smirk on his face. He brings the microphone up close to his devilish grin.*
    Robert Blake: Well. Didn't I say that match would be fucking easy? They shouldn't of put me against a jobber.. As you see, I am the World Heavyweight Champion. And I destroyed the living hell out of this.. 'Mason' guy.. *he spits at the ring mat* Fucking disgraceful. But, he did hold out well for fighting the World Heavyweight Champion. He kicked out most of the time, I wanted to kick him in the throat after him kicking out the third time. I got to admit, I was a little impressed. I started wondering, what would this guy be like with a little more training, an actual motive. You see, I don't like the happy, generic guys. They shouldn't be let in this ring! The way they said they'll beat you, destroy you and then they do nothing, it makes me sick! *The crowd gives a loud boo* But I do want to see this guy again, so, 'Mason' get your ass in this ring right now!
    *The arena goes silent until Mason's theme song begins to play making the crowd cheer ecstatically, a couple of seconds later a massive scratch is heard from the theme song and everything once again goes silent. A new theme song begins to play*

    *The crowd gives a confused reaction as Mason walks onto the stage. His appearance is surprisingly different. Facepaint is covering his face and he's wearing tights that have a demonic skull on one side and a pentagram on the other. He crawls down to the ring. He then rolls inside the ring and looks directly at Robert, falling to his knees with his arms wide open. His gaze never leaves Robert's eye line. Robert begins to laugh hysterically*

    Robert Blake: See here, look where your generic hero has gone now, into the darkness. He is no longer the weak, pathetic 'Mason' you saw in the ring. He is now Azrael. He is powerful, he follows the darkness and he follows his lord.. Me!
    "The crowd boos loudly as Robert's theme plays. He continues to laugh in the center of the ring, staring down at Azrael.*

    OOC: @TheFrostyBlur gave me permission to use his character for this promo.
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