A Ryanfied Mirror

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  1. Aiden Ryan's Personal Theme Blasts as the fans give a thunderous pop towards him
    With Lights Flickering about the fans await in anticipation to see one of their favorite wrestlers address them.

    Once The Chrous Hits "Break Your Little Heart." A newly blonde haired Aiden pops out from the curtain receiving massive reactions from the attendants. He runs down the ramp with a bright smile, Making sure he claps each hand that reaches out to him.

    Sliding in under the bottom rope. He lifts his head up and pushes himself off the canvas. He runs over to the ropes as the camera switches to the attendants who are shown holding multiple signs.
    He perks as the fans continuously roar over him.
    "I really don't know what else to say other then... Thank you."
    He looks around as he is in disbelief that the fans still adore him.
    "So let's get to the actual point of me being out here. You see prior to this happening me and a lady you may all know very well... Vickie Guerrero have kind of been at eachother's throats. She believes I should apologize for my destructive behaviour and I believe she's a conniving fascist bitc.."
    Before Aiden Ryan could finish his sentence his microphone goes out. He taps the bottom of the microphone and looks around in confusion.

    His Music playbacks on as Aiden stands there yelling to the production staff. "I'm not done!? What are you doing!?" He's waving up at the ramp to the production staff who aren't responding.

    Suddenly through the chorus of Aiden Ryan's theme a shadow appears approaching the ramp. The lights dim down on the shadow and presents Parker Ryan who is dressed in the exactly same clothing as Aiden, Same colored hair as Aiden.

    "What the fuc..." Aiden Mouths as his face turns pale white.

    Parker grows a wide psychotic smile on his face, He lifts his right hand above him and waves slowly as Aiden stares. fearfully in the face of Parker.

    The Lights Shut Off And A Loud Siren Begins To Play.

    "I'm uncomfortable" The Commentator states as the lights remain off and the siren's continuously echo the arena

    The Lights appear back on as Aiden looks up the ramp to see Vickie Guerrero standing on the ramp doing the same sadistic smile and wave as Parker Ryan was doing. But where's Parker Ryan?

    Aiden Ryan turns around and receives a massive boot to the jaw by Parker.
    The Fans instantly begin to boo as Parker grabs Aiden by his hair and forcefully pulls him into a headlock.
    "I have no brother!"
    Parker Yells as He lift's himself up and plants Aiden Ryan with Aiden's Jumping DDT Finisher.
    Aiden is planted on he's head and he's body slams down on the canvas in a dramatic form.
    "You stole this whole world from me, And now i'm taking it back!"

    "I would hate to meet the rest of Aiden Ryan's family, The Ryan's are a bunch of nutjobs!"
    The Commentator states again as the camera fades to commercial ​
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