Storyline A Sadistic Side Of Aiden Ryan.

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  1. Aiden is sat on the top rope, Microphone clutched with he's hands.
    He's eyes in a dark color, almost as if he has been brought to tears and rage.

    "Everyday we see people come back and forth out of matches with bruises, scars, blood gushing from body parts. but the difference between those men and this boy who hit me from behind not with he's fist's but with a weapon is one of the reasons why I am sick and tired of being "Oh Aiden, You're so nice" Stereotypical bullshit! This division we call the future! This thing we call honor... How is there honor in this division when a little bitch runs around with a baseball bat and strikes people when they aren't looking, How is this even remotely a division we should be proud of!"

    Aiden Stands up on the top rope.

    "Wow... I'm so proud of how our division is portrayed"

    He Laughs in a mocking manner.
    Aiden Jumps down from the top rope and takes a glance at the ropes. Walking around in a circle for a good minute Aiden comes to a stop and looks up the ramp with a sadistic smile.

    "You see this lovely, firmed, strong ring rope, Cole?"

    Aiden Kicks the ropes and nods.

    "Well, You see these ring ropes can be used as a weapon, So While I trap your arms in-between these ropes and when I win the title off of Alias and become the new X division champion, I am going to grab the baseball bat you used and beat the living shit out of you in front of the entire IWT Mania crowd. "

    The Fans Stay Silent as Aiden's Comments have frighten them.

    "Can't wait to win the title off you, Alias!"

    Aiden Smiles dropping the microphone and leaving the ring via the middle rope.
    feeling no remorse for what he had said, it almost seem's like Cole has brought out a darker side of Aiden.

    Aiden Leaves the arena leaving the fans mind bottled

    They remain to stay dead silent as they do not know how to absorb Aiden's speak, More so leaving them in the depth thought of despair.

    are they losing the one they once adored?

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