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    Still am mod of this section somehow, so i'm helping a Roadie out and posting this thread for some guidelines we need to be followed. I assume this is an interim basis and will have more rules added/negated from here in the future depending on how it goes. I'll keep it simple, stupid.

    Grammar rules:

    1.) Any unintentional and excessive grammar mistakes are accountable for a strike.
    2.) Having excessive errors in numerous promos is accountable for a strike.
    3.) You must have a minimum of 10 sentences, if not, you are accountable for a strike.
    4.) Errors can only be recorded by IWT Staff.
    5.) 3 strikes makes up a warning. 3 warnings warrants a suspension.
    6.) Maximum suspension is 1 year.
    7.) If issues consists you may be referred to IWT Training Gym to work on your promos.
    8.) If problems still continue, you may be held accountable and fired.

    This isn't to screw people over, it's to keep promosa and our front page working smoothly. Roadster, Nick, Shadow, and others spend a grip of time just WRITING the show, and I sure as hell am not reading some two page bullshit promo tbh. I'm not the most PC SOB here, but it's just the blatant truth. If you post in a thread for a feud, keep it going and on the top page - don't waste time making tons of new threads because people will get annoyed and stop viewing it, and fast i'm sure.

    This doesn't apply to me, I'll post a 3 sentence promo and you can DEAL WITH IT. :stopspot:
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  2. So Gohan is out right?
  3. Never.
  4. New editor can include a word limit instead of a sentence limit. I wonder if Solidus saw that message? :hmm:
  5. This was an idea presented to IWT Creative by @Tumbas - we decided to implement it to keep things orderly.

    Also, everything after the grammar rules is just Aids Johnson giving a suggestion, and isn't an actual rule.
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