Storyline A Short And Final Message For Mr.Frie

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  1. Chris Kaizer appears on the titantron, even though he is sitting at ringside.

    Tonight is the night, me and Frie finally met in the ring, here at IWTMania. Now, I was planning on taking Mania off because, well, why not? But then Frie decided to come back and open his mouth. We haven't seen or heard anything from this guy for what...2-3 months? Then he just decides "I don't like Chris Kaizer, he is too full of him self. So I am going to come out of my hole, and teach him a lesson." Yeah, like someone who hasn't even had a singles match in IWT, is going to teach ME A LESSON? You think you are going to shut me up? If D'z couldn't and Alias couldn't, what makes anyone believe you will? Huh? What makes you believe that? Because to believe that, you have to be pretty damn delusional. So delusional you would believe that you could shut me up or even beat me for that matter. Frie, I will admit, you have some talent, enough talent to be a contender in the X-Deadvision. Which, anyone has talent to be in that division.

    Tonight is the night we finally step into the ring togther. Many are saying this match is just filler or a cool down match for the main event. It isn't going to be that, I do plan on putting on one hell of a match, even though we both hate each other. I hope you are ready for the fight of your goddamned life. Because are getting it.

    The screen fades to black as Chris Kaizer stands up and starts clapping at ringside

    OOC- Sorry for this being crappy and short, want to save some stuff for the match.
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