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    *The set has been made for this One On One interview with Alliance member Adam Hawk, Set Design:[​IMG]*

    *As Hawk's theme hits he walks into the studio, He has Queen, Forrest and DK following him, They are keeping watch for him at the studio entrances, Hawk takes a seat, The interviewer is ready and Hawk cues the music to cut off*

    Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen of the IWT Community welcome to a special sit down interview with the man with the most bizarre mind in IWT, Adam Hawk, Thanks for joining us.

    Hawk: You're welcome I decided to waste my time here with you, Can we get some water?

    *Hawk begins to signal workers to bring him water*

    Interviewer: So first thing is, Why the sudden change of heart? After Summerslam you shown a much more fan favourite side of Adam Hawk with imitations of Sheamus and Austin Aries which the fans loved, Why just turn your back on them?

    Hawk: I'm going to stop you right there, I didn't turn my back on anyone, IWT turned their back on me, After my suspension they left me in a broken heap in my apartment, You see during my suspension I fell into a deep hole I never want to see again, It nearly ended my career, But I refused to give up, I came back and confronted the man I trusted most in the world, He turned his back on me, He showed me no support. So I took my revenge. Then it finally clicked in my head, They just want you to pander to the fans and move some merch so I sold out my soul for some easy cash and I was proved right, As soon as I put on my good guy face I got a X-Division Title shot, I lost fair and square, I shook the guys hand and I fucked off for a few weeks to get my head together and I had a plan, I contacted DK and Nick and the plan came to fruition, But things went downhill for Nick, He disappointed me so we took him out for his replacement, And tell me this, Where is Nick? He hasn't been seen since we attacked him and it proves our dominance.

    Interviewer: You claim this dominance over IWT but you hold no titles?

    Hawk: Stop right there, Titles mean nothing. What does a title prove? You got a win on someone? Big whoop, You need to prove worthy of that title and defending it once a month is pathetic, We prove our dominance each and every night, We take out people every chance we get, DK is the No.1 Contender for the IWT Title, He will take that title. Gav, Dazzle you two inbred little freaks, At Survivor Series you better watch your back, We have some unfinished business to "discuss".

    Interviewer: Why do you want to run IWT into the ground?

    Hawk: Why? Isn't it pretty self explanatory? I mean look at this place, The conditions we work under is disgusting, We have the General Manager buying out the decent companies proving he has enough money to actually pay us a living wage but still we get underpaid, Some of us don't even get paid. He will use personal issues against workers and make up excuses about it, We say what everyone else is afraid to say, There is a reason more people join us every week, We will take over this place.

    Interviewer: What is your reaction to the retirement of Danielson and Dat Kid?

    Hawk: Honestly its just another nail in the coffin for IWT, Kid and Danielson were keeping this company afloat 75% of the time and as soon as they walked so did many others, Look at Britanica. Former owner of IWT bought out and broken, She's gone. This place has fallen to ruins since then, I mean this place is a disaster, You had Aids as a champion for god sake *Hawk laughs* we actually have meaningful champions which is a good thing, I mean look at the champs, Victoria Parker? Seabs? The Cure? David? That is what you respect, As much as titles don't mean anything, Its nice to see someone credible with them, Dat Kid has tried to make contacts with IWT but to no result and Danielson I spoke to you on the phone about joining me and he refused to come back to this hell hole, I respect him for that and wish them both the best of luck.

    Interviewer: You clearly have shown some harsh feelings towards to Aids, Explain.

    Hawk: *Laughs* Oh boy thats a good one maybe because he is an asshole? He gets a fluke win at Money In The Bank, Gets a bunch of friends to help him win and loses in his first defence, He walks around with this chip on his shoulder to everyone and acts like he is some big shot and looks down on people, Well let me tell you something Aids, You are a pathetic asshole, You can't face facts that you lost your title and need to bitch and whine about it, You resort to cheap little insults think your some big guy in IWT, Why don't you take it like a man well maybe cause those balls you claim to big don't even exist.

    Interviewer: Lets go into more detail about your fondness for the current champions

    Hawk: Whats there not to love? The Cure have dominated the tag team division and were screwed out of their titles but they proved their dominance and took them right back, They earned those titles, Seabs destroyed Senhor's longest reign and took the title, Seabs has been looked down on since losing the world heavyweight championship and he proved he is still one of the best, David, The man is a personal friend of mine and he defeated me for that title fairly and I have a mountain of respect for him, Now finally Victoria Parker, I don't like her but I respect her, She knows what she is doing out there and gets the job done, Bottom line, Same as The Cure, Her title was stolen and she grabbed it right back.

    Interviewer: Why DKJames? Why Bruce Knight? Why Queen?

    Hawk: Why? Do you even need to ask? Queen is a former X-Division Champion, She dominated that division like no one else to date, She can destroy you at a moments notice before you can even beg and cry for mercy, Thats what The Alliance needs, DK James? We faced off in his first match here, A steel cage warfare, He destroyed each other to the brink of death, We bled for each other, I see something in him that others refuse to see, We are friends, Blood brothers. I am helping him get to the spot he deserves and he is earning that, He is the No.1 Contender for Victoria's title and I can't wait till he takes that title fairly as a man. Bruce Knight, The most underrated man in this company, He has done a lot in his short time here, We are helping him get to the place he needs to be.

    Interviewer: What was going through your mind after Night Of Champions when you walked out on the company?

    Hawk: A real mix of emotions, I felt weak. I went home and just lay around for days drinking and smoking, I was an emotional wreck, I was contacted about contract offers and just ignored them, When you feel weak you just want to escape from everything and let yourself collapse into a pit of depression but I knocked myself out of it, I wrote up a plan, I contacted some friends and made the arrangements, People wanted to ignore me? Well I made them pay attention, The plan worked and here I am.

    Interviewer: Last thing before we wrap up today's session, What is the future for The Alliance?

    Hawk: First we take out Jacob Colton, He thinks because The Alliance cant get into the Hell In A Cell that he is safe from them? Oh boy is he mistaken, At Survivor Series Jacob, Your career, Comes to a painful end. Also DKJames will take what is rightfully his, The IWT Title, This interview is over!

    *Hawk rips out of the ear piece and mic, He calls for Queen and DK, They all leave the set*​
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    Apart from that and the repetition of "stop you right there" good work.
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  3. I'd rather you use their ring name rather than their username. But w/e
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