Storyline A Sit-Down Interview With Alias Antonio.

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    *In the middle of a room which embraces a confounding yet sophisticated appearance, Alias Antonio and IWT's newly signed interviewer, Tyson Valentine, are sitting down on two leather chairs, glaring peculiarly at eachother, without muttering a word. Shortly after, Tyson Valentine is the one to break the silence*

    Tyson: *To cameraman* Is this on? *Cameraman signals yeah*. OK. IWT Universe, it is I, Tyson Valentine welcoming you all to a sit-down interview with the man who faces DK James in a proving grounds match in the main event of Uprising - Alias Antonio. What are you thoughts on the announcement of that match?

    *Alias slyly smirks*

    Alias: Well, as all of you should know, I've been clamoring for a IWT Title shot, well, ever since I won the X-Division title, because there honestly was no one left to decimate. IWT management ignored my promos, they ignored WHAT I WANTED. That was.....until now. I'm in the main event of Uprising facing current IWT Champion, DK James in a "proving grounds" match. This is better than nothing, but this proving grounds bullshit is unnecessary. This should be a straight up title match, because DK knows as much as I do, that I could beat him on any given day. Either way, this forecoming win could, should and will set up the foundations for me finally "earning" a title shot.

    Tyson: Well it should definitely be interesting to see how you fare against DK James. But if you do end up getting a title shot and winning the IWT Title, what happens with the X-Division title?

    *Alias doesn't hesitate in answering*

    Alias: To the bin. This belt has ruined my career, and I'll be the only person to end it's career. Jonathan and that dickwad Mr. Smith will probably be there to pick up the scraps, but I don't give a shit.

    Tyson: .....Ugh, alrighty. You are as eccentric as it gets, so one has to be wondering what you have up your sleeve for your upcoming match with DK?

    Alias: First of all, I'd prefer if you called me......original or unique, eccentric doesn't really click with me. But my mindset heading into this match is nothing unconventional, it's the simple "beat the fuck out of that kid". It's gotten me places so far, so I don't think that mindset should fail right now when I'm fighting for the benefit of my career. Instead, it should instigate more motivation, and that's exactly what it will do. I'm afraid DK is just in the wrong place, wrong time, when I face him next week.

    Tyson: OK, original, I got it. Moving to a different subject, what are your thoughts on Dat Kid brutally taking out Britanica, who once was the leader of The Order?

    *Alias runs his hands through his hair and shakes his head*

    Alias: A house must be built on solid foundations if it is to last, and that is no way directed to the The Order.......that is directed to those son of bitches The Church. They will need a solid base to impede me from kicking their ass for what they did to Britanica. Dat is only a matter of time before we meet eachother again. And when we do, I will take the utmost pleasure in obliterating the fuck out of you. Until then, make sure you make every second of your life count.

    Tyson: Definitely some strong words there. We've not got much time so I'm going to ask one last question. What are your general thoughts on DK James?

    Alias: He seems to be an ally of The Church, which instantly turns him into a little bitch already. But a piece of advice DK: Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you know better than being part of that world.
    DK is definitely a talented individual, no doubt about it, but there's nothing worse than being led by a false omnipotent "god", and at our match at Uprising, I'm hoping to kick some sense in to you.

    I may be the X-Division champion, but in reality, I belong in the A-Division, and DK, you just fall slightly short from being in the A-Division.
    And after our first of many encounters DK, the only division you will be a part the Emergency Division.

    Beware the fury of a patient man.

    *The camera focuses thoroughly on Alias Antonio, who begins smirking. He does so until the scene fades to black.
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