Storyline A Sit-Down Interview with Paul Ravana

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  1. The animation for ESPN online exclusive plays out as the camera transitions to an interview room with two chairs with two people sitting down. One of them is a business suit and looks to introduce the audience to the other person.

    “Ladies And Gentleman, IWT SummerSlam has come and gone and we are in the midst of change after what has happened. However one of the most noteworthy things that has occurred is the debut of Paul Ravana in IWT, one of the biggest sign ins for the company, Paul Ravana has officially the IWT roster and we have the opportunity to get an inside look at the former Muay Thai fighter turned professional wrestler Paul Ravana.”

    The camera cuts to Paul, in a clean vest suit, and seems to have his hair tied to a ponytail. Paul shakes hands with the interviewer as the interviewer begins his questions.

    “Now Mr. Ravana, for the past few months there have been rumors upon rumors that you had signed a contract for IWT and you were slated to debut at the company’s ppv for that month, it seemed like the company needed you, more than you needed it. What made you come to the decision to sign with IWT despite having such already having a strong following wherever you go?”

    Paul smirks

    “Well I don’t see myself as the kind that works for strictly financial reasons. Um, I don’t have a real agenda to money, I’ve been financially stable for the past couple of years. Ugh, I will say that… I don’t make as much money as I used to when I was in Muay Thai, but the contract guaranteed IWT gave me promised enough money so that I would be satisfied.”

    The interviewer moves on the next question. A graphic of Paul standing on the top turnbuckle, posing, appears behind both men on the monitor behind them.

    “Now speaking personally here Paul, you are one of my favorite wrestlers to watch. You have taken what was pretty much a basic brawler, a very basic strong man moveset and you’ve really made it into your own, personal, style and you’ve managed to do it such a short amount of time. What was your journey into molding yourself from a Muay Thai fighter to a wrestler?

    “Well I never thought there was a journey for me, to be honest with you. When I was first signed with my first major wrestling promotion um, they sent me down in their performance center and they taught me from there. And I don’t know what it was but I just clicked with being a wrestler I guess, when the teachers started talking about bumps and all of the guys in my um…division got nervous and were considering quitting after taking just one. I took one bump and the first thing I thought was “that’s it?” (small chuckle) but seriously bumping and doing all of these sorts things just came naturally, I don’t know maybe being in Muay Thai was what help me get a frame of reference in pain, I know a couple of people whose entire athletic career has always been this, has always been pro wrestling. But I guess what I am trying to say is that, even in my worst, most painful day as a wrestler, I would still confidently say it is better than my best day as a Muay Thai fighter.

    “Very interesting, you mention your first major wrestling promotion Paul. That would be NGW, now you came in near the end of that company’s run, how was it like being part of the roster, how was the locker room atmosphere, and more importantly how did the roster react when NGW was about to close?”

    The graphic now shows Paul's debut at NGW: Prisoners Of Winter during his entrance.

    “I’m going to be honest, I was kinda by myself when I called up to main roster, so for the first few weeks I was the only person I knew… (light chuckle) um I knew there were some people that knew from my work at Muay Thai, but I came at a point where everyone the locker room already had like relationships, and like, certain cliques with each other I guess you can say that. Eventually the booking team made do a lot of house shows, and while you may think the purpose for me to get used with working everyone or to get me used to the schedule, it wasn’t either. It was because someone high up in management, hated my guts and umm this was his way of saying “F%^@ You” you know. Everyone else was fine with me, some of them even encouraged me to sign with them, but he personally hated me to the point he was ready to deny my application. I can’t bring his name up, because “they” won’t let me because we had some massive beef that we couldn’t squash cause he went dark after NGW closed down. But I think the plan backfired, because I started making friends after doing those shows cause I pretty much worked with everyone, I got to know them, I got to work them and they talked about how well I could make a story out of a match. Soon people were asking me to work with them on programs after my debut and I was booked to go over one of the top stars in our Anniversary show, sadly that never happened.”

    “Well Paul it has been a great pleasure talking to you, an honor really. You’ve only been in IWT for a few weeks and I can really see you being their next big player in the game. I have one last question, and that is what is it what this whole thing you have with you and Louie Aldo, what could that be leading?”

    Paul has a smug, yet pleasured smile.

    “Well there are certain things I kind of want to keep a secret still. And the plans with Louie that we have been making for the past weeks are one of them, let me just say this. It's something you don’t wanna miss.
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  2. Really enjoyed this. Shed a little more light on your character. Good job :obama:
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