Storyline A Sit Down With Chris Kaizer

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  1. Clips of Kaizer's main event bout against Scott Fargo are shown, with the final shot of Kaizer sitting on the apron after his defeat. The feed then fades into a shot of Kaizer sitting across from Sage.

    Sage: Kaizer, I just want to thank you for taking the time for this interview as I know you are still recovering from your match at Summerslam. With that out of the way, we must address your match at IWT Summerslam against Scott Fargo for the Universal Title. Fargo walked in the champ and walked out the champ, what are your thoughts after that lost?

    Kazier: My thoughts? I'm not happy about the outcome, and I'm not happy about how I lost either. I would have preferred to win of course. But I can't change the past, nobody can. I'll say this about Fargo, he showed why he is at the top of IWT. I respect his talent, but I don't respect him as a person. His attack on me after our match just proved what I've always thought about him; he doesn't respect anybody but himself. I gave him the match of his life, and he gave me one hell of a fight. When I lost to Joey Bryant over a year ago, after that match I shook his hand right in the middle of the ring. Why? Because I respected him, Fargo doesn't respect anyone but himself and his little butt buddies. He'll get his comeuppance, either from me or whatever man who is brave enough to step up to the plate.

    Sage: Now, what are your plans in IWT following this defeat?

    Kaizer: Whatever management wants me to do, I'll do. I'll face anyone and I'll work my way back to the top. I'm not like other people, I don't whine and complain after I lose. I don't pull a stunt just to keep my name in the spotlight, I work for that. Chris Kaizer will face who he has to and beat who he has to so he can return to the main event spot. Right now, I need to prove myself to this new era of IWT. If it takes months or years, I'll do it. I'm here because I want to be, not because I'm nothing without IWT.

    Sage: Now, I must ask since it's been blowing up the news lately in IWT, what are your thoughts on this new group, IW3?

    Kaizer: My thoughts can be summed up in 3 words. I.Don't.Care. Aids is pissy that Ovaldinho showed him up and exposed him for the cocky, ignorant, drunken man he is. Aids was mad because someone else was getting the spotlight, so he went and found 2 other guys who were willing enough, and stupid enough to team up with him so the spotlight wouldn't leave him. Aids is done here in IWT, his time has passed. As for Dat Kid, welcome back, sorry to see that you apparently lost any sense in your time away. And for Alias, you should have left Aids behind the second you made your name. Have fun with this group, I'm suuure that you'll have such success.

    Sage: Thank you for your time, Chris. Good luck in your future.

    Kaizer chuckles before removing the mic from his suit and standing up and leaving the interview room as the feed cuts out
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