A Snake appears

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  1. Two people are shown pushing around one of the interviewer people outside the arena where ICW takes place.

    "Hey stop it, I have a job to do!" The interviewer says as they continue to push him around. One of them even goes as far to take out a knife and threaten him and the camera guy. Suddenly, beside them a man pops out from a box. "What the hell?!" One of the guys says as the man grabs him, and slams him on the ground on his back to knock him out. The other one lunges at him with a knife, but the strange man dodges and grabs the man's arms, punching him on the face and slamming him on the ground in the same fashion to knock him out. "Wow....that was incredible! Turn on the camera, we need to interview this guy!" The interviewer says as the camera man turns on the camera.

    "Where did you learn to fight like that?! And what's your name??" The interview guy says. "My name...doesn't matter...once you've seen what I've seen, a name doesn't exist anymore. I was part of the United States special forces, I learned a lot aside from fighting there." He says as he lights up a cigarette and starts smoking. "Amazing, and what brought you here anyway??" The interviewer asked the man. "I'm one of the newest people on the roster...call me....Snake. Plasma Snake." Snake says as he continues to smoke.

    "Okay Snake...what are your plans for here in the ICW?" The interviewer asked. "To look for the ultimate challenge and to be enjoy each and every fight. Fighting is one of the only things I know how to do, and anything can happen in the ring." Snake says as he finishes his smoke. "Interesting... well I'm glad your with us! I guess we should go inside shouldn't we?" The interviewer says as he stands with Snake. "You heard it here first, Plasma Snake now part of the ICW roster, a special forces veteran and tough guy. What will the futu--wait what is he doing?" The interview guys says as Snake is seen with a random woman. "Are you a M9 gun, because I just want to put my hands all over a lovely delicate woman like yourself." Snake is heard saying. "Well....that's all for today...." The interview guy says as he sighs.

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  2. I was expecting another type of snake. :downer:
  3. That'll be two payments of 10.99
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