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    Al Poppin' comes out to the ring wearing a white headband, a poncho and his purple tights with a white stripe down the side. The crowd pop mildly to him while he stands on the stage and walks down to the ring, which contains 4 podium looking objects that are covered by sheets, Al gets into the ring and is handed a mic

    Al Poppin': Ladies and Gentlemen, Dudes With 'Tude are here and as none of you will know, my partner and Eduardo are not the kind of guys who look like your generic tag team, we aren't the hart brothers, mainly because Eduardo refused to add Pink to his black attire, total diva, but thanks to my help, Eduardo has gone to rehab and tonight we will see the man behind the tattooes, drugs, booze and makeup, it is time we see the man who Al Poppin' made into a better man, and a man who a prize that is under these sheets in the ring. So Eduardo, lets not keep these people waiting, come on down to the ring and show the people sobriety is the way!

    Al earns a slight pop from the crowd as he waits for Eduardo
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  2. Eduardo comes out to the ring as he skids onto the stage dressed in a wait tuxedo and straw made fedora as he walks to the ring, he steps up the steps and into the ring and is handed the microphone from Al, as he talks in a calm tone

    "Thank you Al, damn! it feels good! I feel so alive now, I have so much more free time now for wrestling and.....well wrestling. Thank you for helping me see the error in my ways and showing me the fun in life. I can't believe I was such a sour individual, but now it's all clear skies from here on out"
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  3. Al smiles with a smug as he removes a sheet revealing a title belt: Al opens the glass container and pulls out the belt and presents it to Eduardo, who holds it and Al takes the microphone from him


    Al Poppin': Ladies and Gentemen, I present to you! Your Sobriety Champion! The man who conquered his demons, the man who fought through addiction and came out the winner, You're Living Breathing Rocky Balboa, He climbed every single step through addiction and stood on top of those steps The Stallion that stands before you today! But ladies and gentlemen, Dudes With Tude is now going to welcome another brother from another mother, this right here is how I met my brother from another mother, we don't need 9 seasons to tell that story, here he is

    Al then points to the stage HBK Style
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  4. * As the two wait in the ring Clobber-Sarus comes out to his theme he is wearing a luchador mask with his hair showing and his hair is long the color of his hair is green and black, his mask has a warrior face paint design on it, he is jacked with muscles and has elbow pads green and black gloves and a tattoo sleeve covering his left arm, he has green BDU's on with knee pads and black wrestling boots, he has huge muscles and is 6'7,He runs up on the ramp jumps up and down, he runs down the ramp and towards the steps but slips and does a senton over them he gets up and kicks over the steps and throws them on the ground than starts laughing,he than brushes off his shoes runs up on the apron shakes the ropes walks in and gives Al a huge bear hug before he walks up to the turnbuckle rips the padding off and laughs*
    " Clobber-Sarus here, the biggest man in Dudes with Tude......what is your request of me Al?
  5. Al simply pulls a sheet off revealing another glass box with another title in it:


    Al Poppin': Ladies and Gentlemen, for being the largest member in Dudes With 'Tude, I hereby announce that Clobbersaurus is out Big Dawg Champion!

    Poppin' hands Clobbersaurus the title, Poppin' then looks back at the ramp

    Al Poppin': And finally, the newest addition to Dudes With 'Tude, the man we scouted from across the pond, Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for.....

    Al Pauses and points to the stage, again in HBK Fashion
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  6. *The British Kid comes out with his British Cape and Union-Jack themed Mask and Legging and he High-Fives The Audience on the Way to the Ring and he runs around the Ring still High Fiving Fans and he High Fives the Face Commentator before Sliding into the Ring and High Fiving Eduardo,Al and Clobber-Sarus before Jumping on the Turnbuckle and Points at The Crowd as they Erupt and the Smarks Face palm as The British Kid jumps off the Turn Buckle and Catches the Micro-phone Al Throws at Him*

    Kid: yep,The Rumors were True,The Dirt Sheets were True! The British Kid is Here in I....W...T! apart of the Coolest Stable in IWT The Dudes with 'Tude yep the 10 Time Lightweight Champio! How are you doing? my Jump-a-roo Al Poppin',the Resident luchador Big Man Clobber-Sarusand of course my no longer Stoner Eduardo! up top

    *The British Kid High Fives Eduardo*
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  7. Al Poppin': Ladies and Gentlemen, for being the Brit who wears his colors proud and true, because like us, he wears blue, The man who is groovier than Austin Powers, More Cooler than James Bond, he is The British Champion, The British Kid!Al Poppin' removes another sheet, containing a glass box with another title:


    Al pulls it out and hands it to the British Kid

    Al Poppin': Ladies and Gentlemen, for being the Brit who wears his colors proud and true, because like us, he wears blue, The man who is groovier than Austin Powers, More Cooler than James Bond, he is The British Champion, The British Kid!

    Al receives little to no reaction from the crowd, he then stands up straight with his head down

    Al Poppin': And our final title tonight, goes to the man who brought the four elements that make dudes with 'tude, The team who kick more but than the Turtles, Even more fantastic than the fantastic 4, He is the living legend and Undefeated In IWT,

    Al removes the final sheet revealing the final title, taking it out and holding it over his shoulder


    Al Poppin': Your Shining Star Champion of the Wooorrrllllld-AH! (Inhales) Allllll..Popppiiiiiin!

    Al stands with his title amongst his other members

    Al Poppin': We are Dudes with 'Tude, the guys who all now hold Championship gold, and we will, we will rock you

    All members slap their thighs twice and make snake heads with their hands before hissing in style from Dodgeball, which earns an average pop from the crowd
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