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    A giant blast of pyro hits, as Aids Johnson's music hits. The crowd boo loudly, as Aids Johnson slowly walks out from backstage, his IWT title slung over his shoulder. Aids runs down to the ring, moving over to the right side and slapping hands arms, faces, and anything over the barrier/within the range of Aids open palm. He walks into the ring, grabbing a mic from ringside, but sets the mic down before going to two corners, holding his title up and trash talking at the fans as he does so. He picks the mic up, putting his title back over his shoulder.

    Ladies and gentlemen! The greatest man to entertain you has finally arrived! *The crowd boos loudly.

    And oh, i love all of you back twice as much. Here we are, after another waste of a ppv, lacking in a main event worthy of your attention, and hurting ticket sales as stars RUN to the new opposing team. Dont worry, id never leave you all, you mean so much to me! *Crowd boos again loudly.

    I wont even bother wasting your time. DKJames is the #1 contender, and has earned the right to face against Aids "God of IWT" Johnson, in a match at our next PPV. Battlegrounds, you say? NO! I have been pushing for this for months now, and with the company in the sad, pathetic condition it is in, i have earned the right to choose our next PPV!

    Ladies and gentlemen, whores and the assholes who accidentally knocked them up, this October the IWT is proud to bring you BOUND FOR GLORY! *Crowd cheers and chants TFA* Yes! Bound for Glory, with a main event worthy of the legendary ticket sales and asses in the seats that I, Aids Johnson, bring to the table every time i compete!

    What's that you say? Victoria Parker is facing me in a rematch at Uprising? It's almost pitiful im going to have to push her down the ladder TWICE, but you know what they say, right? Aids always wins. It doesnt matter what is brought to the table, and i wont even bring up how horrible and lackluster her title run was, because what is most important, is that the man who makes history every time he gets into an IWT ring will be 2-0 in title defenses, doing it all within weeks of each other!

    But enough about hasbeens and never-will-be's, Senhor Perfect has been talking a lot of trash as of late, and i have to say, his "Diamond club" with jonathan is cute, honestly. Another PPV where senhor scrapes by with his midcard belt on an opponent who is less than satisfied being put in the match. George could have no showed and the match would have been just as close, let's just call it what it is. Lowcard.

    You see, Senhor, I think the real pity is you still holding onto that belt. Grasping to that title, and considering the weakest reign in the IWT since Christian counted the days up up until he failed and lost, which he did. At least he used common sense, leaving the company for months to buy whores and drown his sorrows in cheap canadian whiskey. Senhor, you should throw that belt in the trash, because there is only one real champion in the company, and his name is Aids Johnson.

    You want to prove you are relevant? The most relevant man in the IWT is going to give you a chance to get back into the main event i threw you away from. It cant be uprising, and it wont be at BFG either, no you arent even at Victoria Parker level, brother. I challenge you to a dark match, where everyone can see who the real champion is.

    Give me a chair, i have time to wait for this old man to get his walker and find his way out to the main stage, he only does it once a month and i'm not sure his "helper" is here to make sure he finds the right way.

    *Aids grabs a chair from ringside and unfolds it in the center, putting his title across his lap, as he faces the Titantron area.
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  2. *Senhor appears on the Jonotron*

    Hey old buddy, how's it hanging?

    It's so nice to see you out here defending the honour of your boyfriend Georgie. Did he cry on your lap and sob all night after he lost to me? "Boo Hoo, the world is such a cruel place, only mascara can heal my pain!" I bet you had your ways to console him eh? *Senhor winks*

    You talk about me holding on to this glorious, beautiful gold around my waist. It must eat you up that there's no way you'll ever have a reign like mine. It's only a matter of time until someone holds a shiny object up somewhere and you decide to leave again. You'll once again be forgotten and cease to exist in the minds of millions. I am the backbone of IWT, I am the gear that drives the engine Aids, not you. It's not the size of the belt that matters, it's what behind it that counts, and we all know I'm packing a lot more than you in every department.

    Now on to your little challenge. I know you're not very bright, but a non title dark match? You guys in the Cure must be on some really good shit. As much as I loathe you with all my soul, I know that Senhor/Aids II will be undoubtedly the BIGGEST match in IWT history. Why the hell would I do it for free without the title being on the line.

    So I'm pulling a page out of your book. Quack, quack Aids. Put up or shut up!
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  3. Well, i guess since i already have two title defenses this month, and you have none, id love to take that IC belt off your waist, as it just so happens i have another shoulder that is ready to carry some gold *Fans pop* So quack quack buddy, are you too scared to face the champion? I'm sure Jono can pick you out another unwilling competitor. Quack Quack bro, here is your one chance to back down.
  4. No thanks. You're irrelevant and aren't on MY level. If you can somehow win your matches this month, I might just let you face to greatest competitor in IWT history. I've waited long enough to be on top of the mountain. I've let the children play for long enough. So don't choke Aidsey, your prize for retaining your title will be a beat down from me, something that's very long overdue. Also, keep Jonathan's name out of your mouth. That name should only be spoken with mouths that haven't been sullied like yours has. That man is a true leader and visionary, unlike yourself. Instead of berating him with your lack of intelligence and knowledge, you should be asking him for tips on how to lead and be an example for all of these idiots! Finally, you can't intimidate me into a match on your terms. Despite your over inflated head, you don't run the show here and never will. Bide your time Aids, when it's all said and done you'll be on your back staring up at me holding your title.
  5. OOC: Did Aids just turn face? :shock:
  6. There he goes again, with his Heil Jonathan remarks and him thinking they have prestige and matter, all because they are the only ones to stay through the train wrecks this company has been through. News Flash, you didnt win the IWT title back, you've barely faced anyone, and I've competed in the 3 biggest matches in IWT history. You, might let me?

    Let me remind you who i am *holds up his title as the crowd pops* I am the only two time IWT champion in company history, i am Mr Money in the bank, Mister Wrestlemania, and you are just a conservative champion, always using your championship to your advantage, never main eventing without Aids Johnson's name before it. I dont need your belt senhor, and im about to face two of the top competitors in this company. What are you doing?

    I dont need to run this company, i run through people. I haven't lost since my return Senhor, and i dont plan on starting now. You better pray to god Jonathan backs away like the coward he is, because I have no problem leading this company through the storm. Ill face Victoria Parker at Uprising, ill beat DKJames at BFG, and at that very same time, i want a #1 contender for the IC title shot, Jonathan *Crowd pops*

    I'm sorry Senhor, you may think you are good enough to be given a handpicked shot at the biggest title in the company, but you just arent. How did that tournament work out for you? I think you need to piggy back on Jonathan back up here if you want to face the Champ.

    *Aids theme hits again, as he goes up to the corners, while the fans mix cheers with boo's. Aids stops in the center of the ring, Holding up his title towards the Jonotron, before walking down the ramp.
  7. *The camera cuts to Senhor in the back watching Aids on the monitor, as he's about to get up to go confront Aids, Jonathan stops him and says, "Bide your time champ, it'll soon be time for you to take your rightful place as the face of IWT."
    Senhor, still fuming sits back down as the screen fades to black*
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    *Daniel Bryanson walks out onto the stage, as the fans give him a mixed reaction*​
    Bryanson: Woah, woah, woah! Look at what we have in the ring, ladies and gentlemen... It's Aids Johnson! The IWT Champion!​
    *Bryanson begins to taunt the crowd. Bryanson begins to talk in a sarcastic tone*​
    Bryanson: Hey, do you people know what ELSE Aids Johnson is?! He...​
    *Bryanson glares at the ring, as he gets rid of the smirk on his face and begins to speak in a serious*​
    Bryanson: He is a low-life, pathetic excuse for a champion of any caliber... You see, a few weeks ago, I made my grand return to IWT and I thought that this place had changed, that maybe the people who are pushing pencils and wearing suits in the IWT Office may have smartened up and gotten serious about IWT, but NOPE! Obviously, they haven't smartened up if they have a little KID like Aids Johnson being the so-called "God of IWT." I know that due to my hiatus, the powers above won't give me a title shot anytime soon, not only because I don't deserve it to them, but because they are afraid of a guy like Daniel Bryanson being the face of this company... but anyways, Aids, I REALLY hope you beat Victoria and I hope you beat DK James... because when you are finished with those two, I'll be next.​
    *Bryanson removes his sunglasses from his eyes*​
    Bryanson: You look straight into my eyes, and you need to realize this... These aren't loving eyes, these aren't caring eyes, these aren't the eyes of one of your friends... These are the eyes of your worst nightmare, these are the eyes of THE DEVIL HIMSELF! Because, I know what I am. I am a crazy, psychopathic, remorseless son of a bitch! But I am proud of that fact, because what I am means that I will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to put up a "W" on any given night! Do you know what you are, AIDS? You are a TRANSITIONALCHAMPION. Because the minute you step into the ring with me, when that bell rings when you are standing across the ring from Daniel Bryanson, ONE thing should be running through your mind.... That one thing being is to be afraid... be afraid of Daniel Bryanson because if you think for ONE SECOND, that you have a chance in hell of beating me... then that's when you make the mistake of PISSING ME OFF. I promise you Aids, I will get my shot at the IWT Championship, and I will beat whoever they put in front of me to get there.​
    *Bryanson laughs evilly before continuing*​
    Bryanson: You know, they say if you play with fire, you get burnt... well, if you play with Daniel Bryanson... you get broken.​
    *Bryanson stands on the stage, looking around the arena, as the crowd is still giving him a mixed reaction*​
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  9. *Aids smiles throughout the entire promo, and begins to laugh after Bryanson finally finishes speaking.

    You are just a number, son. Honestly, I dont even know who you are, and im sure there are PLENTY of people in the back who would disagree with you, and say they deserve their shot. You can see the consistency in this equation, right? Me. I am far from a transition, unless you are talking about where the company has gone since i finally put the title back into my hands.

    Line em up, you want a shot at the champ? I'm sure there is a #1 contenders match coming up in the next month, who else wants the shot of not just a career, oh no. The shot of a lifetime.
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  10. Bryanson: There it is Aids... You don't even know who your biggest threat is... well, here's your wake-up call, I am the biggest threat to that IWT Championship you got there. And, you're right about one things, AIDS, there ARE plenty of people in the back who THINK they deserve the shot ahead of me, but here's the problem... THINKING is different than KNOWING. You THINK I'm not a threat, but they...​
    *Bryanson points to the crowd, as the fans begin to cheer a little louder for Bryanson*​
    Bryanson: They KNOW I'm a threat and I KNOW I am a threat, there are guys in the back, that are, probably right now, sipping down a hot cup of coffee or trying to kiss the administration's ass to get a match on the card, they THINK they are better than me, they THINK they deserve a shot at that championship slung over your shoulder. However, I KNOW I am better than them, I KNOW I am better than you, and I KNOW that I deserve that next title shot. You say something about a Number One Contender's match? Well, I have no idea who I'm facing for the next few weeks, but I suggest to you that you watch my matches because I'm going to demolish anyone who steps in my way to that number one contenders match, and MAYBE, just MAYBE, if you watch my matches, MAYBE you'll be able to get out of the blocks against me... And I'm not just talking to you, I'm also talking to DK, Victoria, Senhor, whoever may be the IWT Champion... You are all on notice...​
    *Bryanson smirks as he looks at Aids Johnson*​
  11. Tell me another story, friend. The facts are simple. I am champion, i've ran through much stronger competition, and I am happy to give opportunity for you to show everyone what you are. Are you a winner? Are you a loser? You climb that ladder, ill be waiting at the top to kick you right back down.

    *Aids once again holds his title up as the crowd cheers loudly.
  12. *When You're Evil by Voltaire commences to play throughout the arena. Many people are misguided as this song hasn't played often, but those who are fans of Alias Antonio, know that's him. Alias walks out on the stage to a mixed reaction when he begins to glance at the crowd disrespectfully as usual, but today he appears much more enraged than the norm. He's in a scruffy attire with ripped jeans and a plain black best being the main features of that attire. He walks down the ramp with the same expression he was employing coming out, but by the second, he looks much more meaner and much more cold-blooded than he was before his mysterious absence of the IWT. During the whole walk, his attention is set on Aids, not Senhor, not Bryanson. Just Aids. He walks to the steps cunningly and reaches the apron. He continues to glower at Aids, whilst wiping his feet on the apron. The crowd seem puzzled and confused at what is currently going on. Alias gets to the ring and demands they give him a microphone. The staff reluctantly hand a mic over to Alias. He paces from one side of the ring to the other, handing out deadly looks to Aids. He commences to talk in his usual slow-paced manner and directs his view down on the mat*​
    A lie cannot live. And in this case, that phrase has a double meaning. Number 1, those dirtsheets reporting I was absent due to contractual situations with the IWT is a bunch of bullshit. I took a leave of absence because I felt it was necessary, I vacated my precious tag title which meant the world to me, I did all that because I needed to get my head straight. My head straight on The Cure. ​
    Which brings me to meaning number 2. A lie cannot live Aids, a lie cannot live.​
    *Alias now lifts his head and directs his eyes on Aids*​
    As much as I hate to say it, George was right. The Cure wasn't the same when you took over, it became a completely different thing. We formed because we were tired with modern society and it's ignorance and we desired to change people's way, our goal was to cure the unwashed masses starting here in IWT, Aids! When you took over Aids, you took all that meaning away and treated yourself as the boss of the group. You disregarded our importance in this group Aids, you overshadowed everything with your big-headidness and your goddamn meaningless title. We were meant to be equals dammit! But you just had to be that cocky son of a bitch you always were and you needed to carry your horsed size ego all the way to The Cure, just so you could still attain that attention you craved daily. We accepted you because we thought you matched our requirements but boy were we wrong about you, you are the prime example of what we were against. After weeks of living with you, after weeks of treating you like one of us, George knew it was time to take action, and guess what? He did. I thought he was a little delusional and I still defended you because The Cure stood by our brothers, but I stood up for the wrong one, the wrong one dammit, and guess what, you wanna guess again? I never got a simple thank you for putting my ass in danger from George and defending your coward ass, and then I soon realized, it was me who needed to be Cured from you all along. Aids, we need changes, YOU need changes. And If you don't change....well....​
    *Alias glances at Aids for a split second and subsequently spits at Aids leaving everyone in utter shock!*​
    *Alias gives Aids the finger with the crowd cheering on*​
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  13. *Aids wipes the spit from his face, giving Alias a cold look. He stared to his shoulder, where his title is hanging, and looks back at Alias, first smiling, then laughing.

    Then you are cured of me. George left, and with him left every hope for any of you to succeed. You want thanks? Thanks for coming out here today, and ridding me of what is left of a group once meant for glory. Glory, that people like you, and Dover, and Jwab all left when you no-showed an EASY title defense at Night of Champions. Glory that David failed on, when i cashed in and gave him an opportunity to bypass the first round of a tournament that could have given him the opportunity for IWT! Glory that left the minute george packed his ball and headed out the door, all by himself.

    I am better off without you, and without George and I, all you are is a group of low-card, no future, failed promises. I want you to take a long hard look at the past, and take a minute from wiping your tears away with Kleenex, the only tissue of IWT, and realize what i did for you all. I was never expecting to be leader, i was forced into the position. You want thanks? I gave opportunity, hell i even got George into the #1 contenders match by yucking it up with Dat Douchebag from Jersey, and after leaving the cure, he failed. Face it Alias, you dont need to cure yourselves of me, I am being held back wasting my time with you. Dont take any more time away, the crusade will steal what little thunder your crew has left.

    *Aids holds up his title in Alias' face, and laughs as he slings it over his shoulder, sliding out of the ring and walking past Danielson, as they lock eyes until he finally exits backstage.
  14. *Suicide watches from the back*

    Suicide: What in the fuck is this? Jobber central? Whatever.

    *Suicide flips to the soap opera station*

    Suicide: Ahh,that's more like it.
  15. *There's no way to describe Alias' feelings, if he has any that is. He's just got a look of despair and angriness. He leans himself against the rope, looks up at the titantron, shakes his head and exits the ring in the midst of cheers. He makes no interaction, and subsequently goes to the backstage area. Alias walks back out to the stage! He picks up the floored mic and speaks*​
    You ain't seen the last of me, no no, not by a longshot.......Cure.......Out.​
    *Alias licks his lips and taunts the crowd shouting out Aids' name. He leaves*​
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