A thread purely to satisfy my ego and noobs.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. For the last time, I don't care about winning bets. Why do I make them? Because you guys freaking love them judging by the last bet and this one, it makes things more interesting right?

    I've genuinely received PM's from people saying it's a bad "business move" and been given suggestions on better bets to "make me more money" lol. I don't care about money. Come on, there's an incredibly high chance Bryan and Rhodes are winning on Sunday but they're both bet options. Wise up noobs! But yeah seriously, it's just a competition to give users a chance to win stuff, be excited for the PPV and a nice monthly event. If I cared about money, I wouldn't ->offer<-- such obvious bets (Cena beating Show, Rhodes and Bryan this month etc).

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    /I love you

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    Don't even reply Seabs, just don't.
  2. Business move my ass, Daddy Crayo. :yay: <3

    The betting just for fun. It makes the PPV interesting, and it feels less crappy if you have something to look after.

    My end of my stick will be paid soon, Dad. I'm getting my credit card next month! :emoji_grinning:
  3. Nearly forgot about yours :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Also, I edited it, I meant a "bad business move", as some are calling it that :emoji_slight_frown:.
  4. How old are you hannah? ^.O


    And Crayo, if it was a business move, you would't accept on the most obvious of results.

    Some people are just mad.
  5. Lol not mad, more trying to help me out I guess. But yeah it's pretty stupid lol. All Seabs' fault anyway. #ThanksSeabs
  6. I take it you didn't agree with my PM then? I even sent you that link for your bank account I was going to open so you could get interest.

  7. Lmao I was going to do it until I saw the recent transactions you must have made when you set it up

    "You have sent a $100 donation to 'Desperate men with tiny penises Inc.' The donation has been accepted".
  8. I'm 16. :emoji_wink:)

    Supplementary cards are issued to 13 y/o and above.
  9. I have proof which states other wise.

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  10. Douchebag Crayo

    Has a weird ass cartoon as his ava, calls it business.

  11. Omg I just lol'd so hard. I wanna sig it but it's too big. Still loling at the random Xanth, BH and DZ moments.
  12. Oops, you wasn't supposed to see that, but that actually wasn't for me, that was for the wife, I had to use a male site as everytime I went on a transvestite one, I just got a :troll: and abuse