A title concept:

Discussion in 'Fight Night Wrestling' started by Sackfist, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. We were thinking of a 2nd title to bring in later on.

    I had this thought, the title won is named by the winner, then when another character wins it they can name it what they want.

    Do you guys want this? Will it add a bit more interest to the fed?
  2. Standard name will work, sometimes it may cause confusion. :((
  3. Ill name my belt, call it Aids.
  4. Sounds like a good addition.
  5. You can't win it by default. I'm kidding, but damn, you love me today.
  6. So if my character won it I could call it the "My left nut" championship?
  7. @[Dat Kid From Jersey] Yes basically it would be the My Left Nut Championship if that is what you named it
  8. This is the best damn title concept ever. Do this :boss:
  9. lmaoo, personally i'll be rooting for you to win, & if not, I would want to win it & call it My Right Nut Championship lmaoo :boss:
  10. The "I SMASHED YOU CHAMPIONSHIP" will be coming soon ;)
  11. We can make the title's name anything and that's what you come up with. :dawg:

    so barbaric :sandow:
  12. Mine would be called "The Grimm"
  13. No yours would be called "Damn You Lacky! :aries: "
  14. It would if my character was still called Lacky. :cry:
  15. Nah it'll still be called that :obama:
  16. It will be "THE GRIMM"

    Damn you, Dat Kid From Jersey :aries:
  17. :troll:
  18. Everyone who wants the title concept give me a HELL YES!
  19. I can see what you just said backfiring on you, but I'll give you a Hell Yes.
  20. HELL YEAH!