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  1. I just wanted to make this thread to congratulate everyone on the amazing IWTMania week. I haven't had this kind of fun in the IWT since the Summer of 2014.

    I want to thank IWT Creative, like @Nickelodeon @Shadow and @Aids Johnson for helping out behind the scenes, voting and for Nick; writing the matches on a very long card. It was extremely helpful and I didn't worry about the show falling apart.

    I want to thank @DatKidFromJersey @THG? @DK James and @CM Punk for returning for matches and the Hall of Fame, respectively. Really cool to see you guys bust out a good old fashioned promo. Really fun. Another thank you for the all the hard work Dat Kid has put into the IWT over the years. Always will be apart of my Mt. Rushmore of the IWT and made IWT what it is today, to a degree.

    I want to thank @WUKOffical @impactking @Awesomenrh @CBK_15 and @Ryan Davis for being on the card and really showing your talents. Same to ALL the new signings for making this place that much better. I really am looking forward to working with you guys. I really do hope you guys stick around and make this place even better.

    Same for @Ovalhead @DragonClaw and especially @Indy for coming back with a big impact. Top drawing and good matches. Appreciate the good effort.

    I also want to thank @Prince Bálor for 6 months of hard work in carrying the X-Divsion, I hope you enjoyed your stay here, and good luck in your future endeavors.

    @The ReagMaster @King Barrett and @The Real GOAT for putting together a good match and working hard.

    I want to thank everyone else. This was amazing, and here's to hoping we have many more months of amazing activity and fun!
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  2. IWT > NGW already
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  3. IWT actually post shows on time [​IMG]
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  4. Care to elaborate. I know IWT > NGW but I like to hear the good stuff from other people. Boosts my self-esteem. :smug:
  5. Community is a lot better, more positive and the fed is seen as fun rather than serious. I see you take banter, but the management over at NGW got hurt by it. Whether it be out in public when Jeffry tried to make the fed Nazi Germany and not only make rules to where joking around isn't allowed, but literally said if you don't agree with him that he'll delete your post or if it's FN Punk who's passive aggressive and there's not a doubt in my mind that his biases played a factor is many match finishes. I mean I could be a douchebag sometimes, we all can, but at least most are open about it and express ourselves. Punk for the most part just kept to himself and he's just a guy you know doesn't like you, if that makes sense. So the management made the fed negative as well. Add that to shows being late and it being the only fed on the website so people couldn't go somewhere else gives you a not bad, but a fed that wasn't used to it's full potential.

    Also if I could make a suggestion. While writing the last couple sentences of that answer I was thinking about how IWT has gotten an influx of members and the IWTMania card being big and got an idea. How about 2 shows a month with half cards for each. Make one say the prelims show where you get new guys, smaller feuds, etc and then you have the "main show" if you will with your main eventers and such. This idea could be selfish as both I don't really like to wait long for shows as I'm in feds to do promos and also I just had that match with Blackfire. I will admit I didn't have to wait long for that match, but it speaks to a bigger idea of smaller matches having to wait as well and could make someone lose motivation whether waiting weeks for a match that's a small feud or getting the match and it's underwhelming in ways. With two shows you have a consistent schedule and once some matches are written, they're posted and one side of the roster gets back to work on their next matches while the other half of matches are being written so the section is constantly running. I hope this makes sense, I feel like I'm just rambling, but hey, at least you know I got some passion for the fed :fact:
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  6. Read ya loud and clear, bud.

    I'd like to think IWT VICE fits that role well. IWT VICE was a show that I made up in the Summer of 2014, was never put into fruition because of Adolf Jonathan, but recently I posted one. The show was originally intended to be based on IWT Creative's opinion on your activity, promos and overall performance. But, I'm thinking of converting it into an actual show. It has an average of 3-4 matches and is written. I'll keep that in mind.

    Show - IWT VICE: #1
  7. I hope you do. That way we can be the most active section on here and beat out the leagues.

    God, FUCK the leagues! (I'd join if I had a console)

    Yeah man, IC title can run one show and the World the other. XD on one and the possible Tag on the other. Lots of fun can be had.
  8. XD and IC are heading for a unification...and tag titles are a long shot from happening unless we get at least 8 tag teams. :urm:
  9. :cenanope:
  10. Wow yet ok. Gotta tell people the plans before they happen
  11. don't worry man, just hand your title to me and it's all fine~
  12. big thanks @Tumbas for the MOTY and a hugeWM Match. This is the house Aids built but you damn near tore it down.
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  13. ~
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  14. Wait why am I and @Tumbas not getting credit for bringing back the draw? @THG? and @From might have had the idea but we tore the house down.

    25 votes? It hasnt been seen since I beat @Stopspot 2 years ago.
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  15. 2 of the best bad guys, that's too sweet:razer:
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  16. My ninja. Looking forward to our 2nd match by end of summer.
  17. Correction - all the Jobs @DatKidFromJersey has done over the years. Aidsy Wept.
  18. Thought I had tagged you and Spawn for the awesome drawing match. 5 away from breaking a damn record. That's awesome.
  19. Breaking ANOTHER record. I put asses in those seats.
  20. because we were the proper draw, not you