A touch of Cloth

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  1. No not that you freak :haha:

    Did anybody catch this?

    Basically it's a spoof drama thing that piloted on Sky1 the other week. I know that sort of thing has been done to death however I found this pretty funny. The guy who wrote it, Charlie Brooker, is a really witty guy and some of the subtle jokes in this are fantastic. A lot of them flop but that's just due to the sheer quantity of them. Still, a great combination of subtle remarks and things in the background along with some really loud, in your face parts. It's a fantastic combination IMO.

    Anyway if you're into this sort of thing then I suggest you watch it online or somewhere, there's only 2 eps so far. You'll either love it or hate it.
  2. I saw it advertised but didn't have a chance to catch any episodes. I suppose I'll be able to download it though. From the trailers it seemed very funny, and enjoyable. I'll definitely get round to watching it.
  3. I'm touching cloth.
  4. Too much Info, my friend. :haha:
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  6. Who's Euan? :hmm:
  7. Support team member at mybb.com. Has helped us out a couple times before.


    That's him.
  8. Hello Euan!
  9. Damn I thought I'd found your real name :sad: