Kayfabe A trip down memory lane and a warning?!

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  1. *Doomsday once again comes out before his theme can even be played, stumbling as he makes his way to the ring. It's almost like somethings changed him(he's wearing a hoodie as well as his normal attire)*
    So I've heard there's going to be another match, a match to end all matches and a match where the rivalry end, but it's not just any normal match...
    *A steel cage lowers*
    So Rhys you're going to be entering my backyard where I WILL destroy you and I WILL break you because when I'm done with you your face is going to be drenched with your blood and my fists are going to be dripping with it as well. You're going to regret ever stepping up to me or ever even accepting a match with me.
    *Doomsday walks over to the cage and starts pulling on the steel while laughing with a high pitched tone, almost like he's going insane*
    Your head is going to be crushed against this unforgiving and merciless steel Rhys, you're going to be my prisoner in my jail where I've spent most of my days because you can trust that by the end of it you're not going out on your own two feet. I'm more powerful than you, I'm more familiar with this environment and above all else I'm better than you because I've been through more than you and I've felt more pain than you ever have. Oh but trust me I'm going to show you some of the pain I've been through before.
    *The crowd starts to chant "Doomsdays gonna kill you" as a smirk appears on Doomsday face*
    You're in for one hell of a ride Rhys because trust me I've been training for this.
    *Doomsday takes his hoodie off slowly to reveal huge marks from what seems like weapons*
    I've been continuously hit with kendo sticks, steel chairs, ladders which have all given me scars and made me stronger and these scars on my face well they're from the good old days when razors weren't just used to make it look like you were bleeding. I've been through hell to get here and finally I've been given a chance to show what I can really do when put into the right environment.
    *The titantron reveals a video of Doomsday getting hit with multiple weapons to then him bending down staring at the camera as the lights go off in the arena. A high pitched scream is let off and the titantron also goes black, but when the lights come back on the cage is empty and Doomsday is gone but a small child with a horrific mask stands in the ring*
    Just remember you've been warned hehe
    *The high pitched laugh is once again played and the cage and ring are empty*
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