Storyline A trip to FTJ's town

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  1. The camera pans over to FTJ's home. The Taco mobile is outside and the gate and door has been smashed open.

    The camera man goes inside, and on the floor is FTJ's mom, sister, and brother. In the kitchen there's more noise, s the cameraman goes and takes a look. "EAT IT BITCH!!" Farooq yells, shoving a burrito supreme down FTJ's father's throat. "No...more..." His dad says as Farooq shoves the burrito, forcing his dad to eat it. His dad then runs to the bathroom and has a painful shit.

    Farooq lifts FTJ's brother. "WAKE UP!!" He yells. FTJ's brother screams and opens his eyes, and just as he does that, Farooq squirts fire sauce in his eyes. FTJ's brother screams. "HOW ABOUT TACO BELL'S SIGNATURE BAJA BLAST TO WASH IT OUT?!?" He yells as he smashes a 5 gallon Baja blast over FTJ's brother's head. "TAKE THAT FUCKER!" Farooq says as he pushes down his brother. "You think I'm a joke, huh? Well you know what is a joke..." Farooq says as he points to the couch, and 5 tubs of ice cream are tied down.

    "Ice cream fucking tastes's why we don't serve it...and now to make it to where people won't even want to look at it." Farooq says as he pulls a lever, and 20 pounds of Taco Bell meat fall all over the containers, and even getting inside. "I've hurt everything that you love....or almost." He said as he steps outside, hiding behind the Taco mobile. The ice cream man drives by, and stops for the kids. Farooq then runs over to the ice cream man, and puches him in the throat. "What the hell?!" He yells as Farooq takes him out and shoves a Cantina burrito in his mouth. "SHUT UP! IM TIRED OF THE LIES! YOU'LL EAT SOMETHING GOOD NOW!!" Farooq yells, the ice cream man soon passing out from the yummy food. The kids start to cry as Farooq grins. "Who needs ice cream....when you have these!" Farooq says as he takes out two taco 12 packs. The kids cheer as Farooq faces the camera. "Nobody is dead....just passed out from all the healthy and delicious food from Taco Bell, but when we fight, Imma take you, to Taco Hell." Farooq says as the camera fades.
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  2. Haha, I copied Oval Head with the home invasion thing, and you followed Lord Lee to i see....
  3. OOC - The build for this match is going to be amazing. I think at Uprising we have a big 6 man tag. Dat Kid, Joey Bryant, and FTJ vs. George, Farooq, and Forrest. Everybody is a fucking heel so I don't know who to put with who.
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  5. OCC: I don't have a sister, and my mom and dad divivoted! :pipebomb:
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  7. with Reagan on commentary!
  9. hey he and Michael have the same surname.....
  10. occ: no I don't!
  11. Forrest and I aren't heel hahah.
  12. OOC: The Church is a heel group, nigga. Forrest talks like it. EVERYONE IS HEEL IN IWT.
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  13. OCC: NO? Farooq is Face of are match! FTJ IS ALWAY HEEL! If not a heel he anti-hero! FTJ does work face I learn rwc when backyard wrestler for then!
  14. OOC: I'm starting a Backyard Wrestling Trampoline Federation..... *slides folder across the table* and I want you.
  15. occ: real backyard wrestling? what kind I ownly to safe backyard wrestling I don't do ecw backyard wrestling. in ny?
  16. OOC: It's safe. There will be lots of serious brain trauma from stummers.
  17. Wyatts are a heel group too and Daniel Bryan was in it.
  18. Reagan: "Get The IWT App, here's how *Shows tutorial in an age where everyone has downloaded an app once in their life* if you get the app you can order Farooq's taco bell supreme all you have to do is enter promo code...FarooqSucksDick and there you go!"
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  19. Well...... Daniel Bryan didn't seem like a heel to be honest, let's all admit that. You type your promos like you are heel, nigga.
  20. I suppose they do but I still try to remain face hahah.
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