Storyline A Trip You'll Never Forget

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  1. Michael is standing on a dark street in a slick suit. He is walking with his hands folded behind his back. The only light is coming from a street lamp. Noises from a near by street echo around the dirty, ghetto street. He takes in a deep breath before beginning.

    Michael: Damn, has a lot happened. You have the IWT facing FSW at Survivor Series, all while a "big bad wolf" strays back into the wrong part of town. I was betrayed by Alkatrz and that other guy that carries bags or something, but why would I care about a thorn in my boots? I care about the future, the New Generation! During the summer when this started, I approached a newly returned Anonymous about forming a coalition, he agreed and from there we expanded, until one day I stumbled across a washed up, ungrateful piece of shit. This piece of shit's name was Christian. A sun-burnt sack of broken bones, and it's not like he has anything going for him other than someone else that is willing to carry him on their back in this Wild Card tournament.

    Michael continues to walk around when, he runs his hand through his hair and takes a deep breath. He continues.

    Michael: When the New Generation became a pool for part-time assholes to join, I dumped out the turds in the pool, and threw away Anonymous, Chip and Christian. Now he says he wanted to leave? The guy is delusional, much like how he actually thinks people will give him credit for Alias winning all of their matches. He has no value anymore, and he can't accept it. Too bad, you didn't have what it takes to be in The New Generation, because it was one wild trip. But this time, I'll make sure to take you and everyone else on a trip, you will never forget.

    The feed cuts away.
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