Storyline A vignette from Senhor

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  1. *Senhor's theme plays in the arena and the crowds attention is drawn to the Jonotron

    Senhor is shown sparring with Georges St.Pierre, he turns to the camera and begins to speak*

    Hello to the IWT Universe, I've been hearing a lot of talk that Senhor doesn't have it anymore, Senhor has become complacent, Senhor is going to get destroyed by Georgie at Night of Champions, blah blah blah.

    What these fools don't know is you don't become the longest reigning and defending champion in IWT history by being complacent or resting on your laurels. Since I'm the most elite athlete you've ever laid your eyes on, I've asked my personal friend GSP to have a little exhibition bout with me. I want to show each and every one of you that not only can I beat a measly punk like Georgie, but I can beat arguably the best pound for pound fighter on the planet. Why? because I'm perfect. Ready George?

    GSP: Oui

    *Both men stand looking to get some jabs in, GSP lands a couple then gets ROCKED by a Senhor right hook, GSP on the mat, Senhor hooks in a rear naked choke and GSP taps out! The camera then gets a close up of Senhor and he exclaims:*

    Now that's Perfect!