Storyline "A win is a win"

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    *Lord Lee and Luis Ovaldinho sit across from eachother in Lord Lee's office. They sit in their respective armchairs. Lord Lee is sat rather cozy, although the same cannot be said for Ovaldinho. They sip their champagne periodically, putting the glass back down on the coffee table in-between the two. Ovaldinho's face still holding a rather disappointed look from his match ending via forefit.*

    Lee: Heads up Luis, you won!!

    *Luis responds with only a blank expression in Lee's direction. He puts down his champagne and moves it away from his side of the table*

    Lee: Don't be like this, lad. You would have won anyway. And at the end of the day, a win is a win. You've advanced in this tournament and most importantly, you're STILL undefeated in IWT!

    Luis: AND?!? It was by forefit. I won on the grounds that I attended my match and nothing more. Is this really a win for me to be proud of?

    *Luis looks down at the ground. He runs his fingers through his hair before looking back at Lee, who just continued to sip champagne throughout this short sequence of events*

    Luis: I just.. I just wanted to show how much having this opportunity at a title shot means to me. I just wanted to prove to any doubters that I'm not in the tournament to help make up the numbers. But all this does is feed into Jwab's han-

    Lee: Nope, stop. Let me stop you right there. This gives Jwab NOTHING. All Jwab is, is delusional. He's nothing but a man forever hoping to live out dream scenarios. These movie stars never know when to stop. Honestly, Raine is a bigger threat than Jwab. Remember that.

    *Upon the mention of Raine, both men freeze in their chairs momentarily. Ovaldinho proceeds to gnaw at his fingernails at quite some pace*

    Lee: And yeah, I know, you'll be facing Raine, despite both of you being signed to my 'brand'. I'll be honest, either of you winning does great for my enterprise.

    *Luis anxiously rubs his hands together as he attempts to process the situation in front of him. Lord Lee attempts to conceal his excitement as he knows this will only add to Luis' contemplation*

    Lee: Listen, I'll make a date & time for you, Raine & I to meet & talk over this situation. For now, look over some Jwab tapes. You have this time to research him, so make use of what's out there. Once you figure his game plan out he will be easy to counter and easy to deal with. So, we got ourselves a plan, junior?

    *Luis takes some time before responding, still seeming a little distant*

    Luis: Erm.. Yeah. Sure. Sounds like a plan. I just hope nothing turns sour.

    Lee: It won't. You're both professionals wrestling for a professional company. You will both do what you need to do in that ring. And as long as the sponsors are impressed then I'm glad. Oh. And of course, as long as you and Raine are making progress. Don't worry Luis, I may be a staunch capitalist but remember that I truly care about my clients' careers.

    Luis: Whatever, just as long as I continue to do well and get a sustainable living while doing so, I'm set.

    Lee: Same here amigo, same here.

    *They finish what's left of their champagne and proceed to leave Lord Lee's office*

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