Storyline A Woman's Touch

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  1. Aiden Ryan is in the ring with microphone in hand.

    "Let's talk strategy, For the past two months you have all watched Vickie And Parker make my life as difficult as it could be. The Torment, The Abuse, The nonstop lectures of why I am so pathetic in their rage filled eyes and you know at times I would sit around and think... Maybe their right, Maybe I don't belong in an environment such as this... Maybe some people would prefer it if I were to pack my bags and leave...

    But When has anyone in the IWT locker room told me where to go? Harriet Vargas doesn't have a problem with me being in the locker room, The Artist, Joey Bryant, Farooq, The list can go on but those selected few have no problem with me being in the locker room as a matter of fact it's only these two who feel the need to cut me down and torture me to the point of where I don't want to be apart of this industry.

    They will manipulate my life to the point where no matter where I go the past will constantly follow me down and strangle me. In many ways I stand there and I let it happen but not anymore, I am here to prove my self worth, to prove my domination and If I have to get through these two unloved, sick psychopathic bastards to prove it then I have no problem doing so...."

    Before Aiden Could finish his sentence the lights shut off.

    Parker Ryan enters onto the stage laughing at Aiden.

    "Do you know how pathetic you sound, Aiden? Seriously. Lets have a re-cap of what has happened. You make a match against me and then all of a sudden you act as if you're the victim. Poor fucking Aiden, Poor Aiden Ryan... The One who is constantly picked on, The one who feels the world owes him something."

    "You're fucking craz.."

    "Oh, Are you about to call me the C word, Aiden? The one that many have used to describe you for the past couple of months. Yeah, I know all about you're melt down at mania, It was quite laughable to see the tears stream down that face while Alias And Reagan destroyed you. "

    "Is there a point to this?"

    "Yes, There is. There's actually a valid point to this, Aiden. You see you stole my job... you stole my dream, this was suppose to be my..."

    "Oh calm yourself, You are out here acting like boo boo the fool for no reason. There is no valid reason as to why you detest me as much as you do. The only reason why you are so bitter is because deep down inside you know you couldn't have the success that I've had, You know you couldn't match up with me and you know I'm going to kick your a.."


    Aiden flicks his hands in a form of frustrations as the fans give a negative reaction to the interruption.

    "I said..."

    "No No... I don't think you quite understand what the attendants are trying to tell you... So let me make it clearer for you. Turn around and fuck off! I am sick of you interrupting me!" Aiden yells into the microphone as the fans give thunderous cheer.

    "Are you going to let him talk to me that way!?"
    Vickie Shouts as Parker shakes his head and runs down the ramp. Aiden drops the microphone and clenches his fists as the fans stand up and start cheering.

    "Here we go! It's about to go down!" J.R Get's excited as Parker jumps up to the apron.

    "Come on!" Aiden yells as Parker stands there with no emotion on his face.

    "Aid-en Ry-an"
    "Let's Go Parker"
    "Aid-en Ry-an"
    "Let's Go Parker"

    The fans begin to split as the two brothers glare eachother down.

    "This is what you want! Come on!" Aiden continuously yells at Parker.
    "Ain't nothing but space and opportunity, Come on!"

    Parker decides to turn his back to Aiden and jump off the apron. The fans give a thunderous boo as Parker walks up the ramp with Vickie by side. "Are you serious!? You're going to let him get away with this, Parker!?" Vickie rants at Parker as he shakes his head.

    "Come on, Aiden! Get him!"
    Some fans begin yelling as Aiden shrugs his shoulders and slides out of the ring. He begins to sprint up the ramp. He grabs Parker by the back of his shirt and drags him back down to the ring. He throws Parker into the ring with force.

    "EXCUSE ME!" Vickie screams in a primal manner and slaps the back of Aiden Ryan. Aiden turns around swiftly and glares down Vickie. "Are you fucking kidding?"

    "Wait a second... Is this who I think it is?"

    "Bawh Gawd, It's Mickie James! Mickie James coming to rescues one of her well trained wrestlers."

    the fans jump in excitement to see Mickie James at the center stage.
    She runs down the ramp and chases Vickie around the ring.

    "Get back here!" She shouts as Vickie runs up the ramp in fear.

    Aiden see's his opportunity and slides into the ring only to receive a nasty roundhouse to the midsection of his abdomen, Dropped down to one knee. Parker hooks Aiden into a headlock.

    "You will learn respect!" He yells as Mickie James watches by.

    "Aiden, Come on!" She yells as Parker struggles to lift himself up into a tornado DDT.
    Interlocking his arms with Parker's, Aiden throws a forceful knee into the midsection of Parker and releases himself from the headlock.

    Mickie James slides into the ring and also throws a nasty midsection kick into the stomach of Parker. She hooks her arms around the head of Parker and lifts herself up and delvers a impact-full DDT.

    She turns her attention to Aiden who is looking at her in a confused manner.
    She offers her hand out as Aiden looks around to the audience who are applauding
    He nods with a smile and extends his hand towards Mickie's as they both shake.

    "Thank You."
    He Smiles as he walks past her and exits the ring via the middle rope.

    The Camera switches the JR And Renee Young On Commentary.

    "What a great show of respect from both of them, This is why IWT is one of the most unpredictable element in all of sports entertainment. "

    "Not to mention, Does this mean the numbers are even. Will Mickie James be accompanying Aiden Ryan down to the ring for his match? What do you think Renee?"

    "I've known Aiden for a very long time and I know for a fact that he is easily distracted, so having Mickie James down here to maybe even the odds and put Vickie Guerrero in her place if she tries to interfere in the match, Not to mention... It's a woman's touch and we don't normally see that often in IWT. "

    "Well, If you're fairly interested into when this match will be held. After the pay per view event of uprising on the next IWT show you will see Parker Ryan Vs Aiden Ryan in a contract ladder match to see if Parker Ryan stays in the indie promotions here at IWT or if he is kicked to the curb."

    "Personally, I would much rather see Aiden Ryan win this match just for the simple fact this has stopped Aiden for reaching his full potential. Aiden Ryan is one of those superstars that when he gets on a roll he is very easily side tracked and I would like to see this rivalry be put to the side so Aiden can overcome his demons and show to the IWT locker room that he is not to be over looked. "

    "You're a massive mark for Aiden Ryan aren't you, Renee?"

    "His a likable guy."

    The Camera points itself to the ring at Mickie James who is taunting to the audience.

    The Camera Fades to a commercial.

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