ABC things you wish were still in WWE [game]

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. If mods think this would be better suited in the locker room, move it there. I just thought it would be okay here since it has to do with the WWE.

    Basically, post something/someone that you wish was back in the WWE and go in order of the alphabet. For the really hard ones (z, y, etc) you dont have to do one if you dont want to.

    For example:
    Alex Riley
    Chris Masters
    and so on

    I'll start

    Attitude Era
  2. blowjobs....kellykelly.

    Batista im sure is better/more popular.
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  3. Cactus Jack
  4. Dudley Boys
  5. Eve, so much more eve.
  6. Finlay!!

    "My name is Finlay, and I LOVE to fight"!
  7. ill go G and H all at once

    Great HLA!!!

    lets see who remembers that that means!
  8. Indecent exposure

    its the only reason anyone would sit through a divas match
  9. Jumps which are super dangerous. :smug:
  10. Kane as a monster not a lame shadow of his old self or KEVIN NASH
  11. Little Jimmy to be WWE Champion
  12. Mankind!!
  13. Owen Hart.

  14. no one does them anymore
  15. Quad tag team matches? lol
  16. Smackdown.

    And I mean a decent smackdown with a good enough brand similar to Raw, like 2004-2005.
  17. Taz on commentary !!! he was so much better then cole
  18. Sandow vs. Eugene!