Promos Accidentally Fucked Your Dad

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  1. Drag walks down to a huge heat, the crowd cheer, thankful as shit that he is not just another demon guy or lad from Japan or "The Best In The World". Drag vaults over the railing and allows himself to be body-surfed around the fully sold out (because of him btw) 10,000 seat arena. This lasts roughly two hours before Drag grows weary and teleports himself into the ring.

    "Ladies and GentleMAN (I say man because I'm the only dam man in this building lmfao)"

    Crowd cheers.

    "Y'see, I thought that Luis and Lee could've been the only other men in this company, but as it turns out; they're just as ballless as both of the Youngs and everybody else from those damn Young Lions all the wya up to Boss Mikey himself!"

    "Michael, you spend all of your useful time bashing other mediocre at best feds, trying to join groups of people that hate your damn guts. Whilst you may claim yourself to be a changed man, the truth is Michael; you're just a patsy dressed in a suit trying to be one with the big boys yet again. Mikey, you're pathetic! And you've shown just how desperate you are by signing these little bitch boys from NGW and allowing them to run amok. But you know what the worst part is Mike?"

    Big Drag does a big frown frightening many in the audience and giving some old fucker a heartattack HAHA lil oldie mouldie hahahahahaha.


    "The truth is.... The truth is. I don't need this place, I have money, fame, respect and bitches. I came to IWT to whip it into shape. It's comprised of fools such as it's recent signings, or mf'ers who can't even handle the banter lmfao like Luis Ovaldinho. Let me give you a quick example."

    Drag points to the titantron, it shows an old IWT clip of Drag EASILY trouncing @Tumbas and then getting blocked on Twitter because Tumbas couldn't damn well TAKE IT.

    "i'm finna take every member of the roster by the back of their fuckin' heads and make them EAT SHIT. THIS IS BIG DRAG'S COUNTRY NOW!"

    He smirks.

    "No illegals allowed."

    Drag takes off his solid gold suit jacket and has sex with it as the fans cheer like fucking MENTAL!
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