Storyline Ace of Spades

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  1. A huge IWT Network logo flashes on the titantron before showing the backstage area, Pain walking up to Aiden.

    "Aiden, looks like we'll be getting a title shot at NoC, I mean me and Kid have beaten these guys already, and the other bread world order or whatever they are called, they don't stand a chance man! We're gonna nail these guys to the wall and then take the titles from the desperados at Night of Champions."

    He gestures as if he was showing a billboard in lights
    "Can't you see it? Me and Kid as Tag champs, you as the X-Div champ! we are going to take IWT and tear it apart!"
    He gives Aiden a nudge smirking.
    "You ready for Night of Champions Aiden? Are you ready to take what belongs to us?"

    Aiden Smiles slightly but can not contain the fake smile for long, he looks at Brandon Pain with a sorrow look upon his face and sits down on the table to which was before him.

    "Ye..Yeah, I'm ready to take what is rightfully mine, I mean I deserve this chance and I'm so grateful that Jwab has given it to me, however I can't help but feeling some what conflicted on wither I'm confident that I will be able to pull a victory out of everything that's happened to me thus far, I finally got Vickie out of the way and now some crazed lunatic wants my head for reasons I don't even know, I am not the tallest guy on the roster, and i'm not the most strongest either, so having this monster... this... inhuman bastard who feels the need to try and destroy everything around me... for once again no reason... terrifies me... I know I'm not one to show this sort of emotion, and I know I'm only egging it on by putting my pride up there and telling him I'm coming after him... but I can't help but feel intimidated, man. It's like when we were training together in new york and I took my first body slam... the chills, the sudden pain of it all. "

    He shakes his head slowly and rubs his right arm in an anxious manner, his fingers jittering and this look of depression to which no one has ever seen on Aiden.

    "I guess all the momentum I have gotten recently has gone to my head, and I felt I was untouchable."

    Pain looks a bit frustrated and grabs Aiden, shaking him.

    "Get a hold of yourself man, don't let this creep, whoever he is take it all away. Don't play the victim again Aiden"

    He grinds his teeth and pats Aiden in the back.

    "Besides, no matter what that guy has got in his hand, we've always got an ace up my sleeve"

    He smirks and continues to pat Aiden on the back.

    "An ace of spades"

    Aiden slowly moves Brandon's arm off his back using his arm. He gets off the crate slowly and looks at his friend, rubbing the back of his own neck he stands there shaking his head. He looks at Brandon in a defensive manner as if he had struck a nerve.
    "Brandon, What do you mean by playing the victim? I've never once played the victim, I've never asked for people to try and sabotage my career to benefit themselves, I've never once came crying to you about it, I kept it bottled up inside, And just because Harriet Vargas called me a weakling who plays the victim card, that shouldn't amplify that for you. Especially considering the fact that the whole time I was in a war with Vickie you were out with an injury."

    The Audience erupts in a gasping manner at what Aiden Just mentioned.He lowers his hand and flames it out in a frustrated manner.
    "And that doesn't mean that I needed you then, and as horrible as it sounds I don't need you to pull out an ace from your sleeve to protect me, You've never protected me in the first place. And I hate to say it, I really do. but for someone who talks such a big game for me, and has such expectations for me, maybe you should consider having high expectations for yourself... instead of bickering back and forth with British Kid."

    Aiden Pats the shoulder of Brandon,

    Brandon looks angry and just shakes his head and a small laugh comes out.

    "This guy is getting to you, and that's your problem Aiden, I'm gonna let what you said slide because you know, we go back a long way, we've spent years training together before we even got to the indies let alone IWT. Whether you want it or need it, I've always got an ace up my sleeve.."

    He shakes his head and looks at Aiden.
    "Me and the Kid, we're doing just fine, we won our match didn't we?" he smiles "and at Night of Champions, all three of us"
    He punches Aiden in the chest
    "We'll have championship gold around our waists!"
    He shakes Aiden's hand
    "We deserve this, you deserve this! And at Night of Champions, we take what we deserve"

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