Ace Or Long Raw/Smackdown GM

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Victoria Justice, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Long

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  2. Ace

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  1. Here is what i think Ace is very funny at some times but very faggish at some two with him as the raw gm there will be alot of cheating because some of the wwe superstars have a very very good relationship Example David O. Will never have to compete That's ridiculous All WWE superstars should earn there spots.

    Long is a very good Gm But that ghetto act is really annoying playa this playa that like come on your 67 years old lol [Note i do not know his real age just low balling :troll:]But Long plays by the rules to me he does not really allow cheating and that's what i like clean fair matches.

    Who do i think should get to run both shows.

    Ace And Teddy there would be alot of conflict and make the crowed want more it would be a profit empire make t shirts about long fighting ace and they can have the first throwing jacket match lol.

    Post what you think
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  2. Long is a face so he's morally more correct if you're talking kayfabe but he bores me to tears whilst Johnny is such a natural troll he's amazing. You should add in a poll @[CmPunk]
  3. Allright Seabs Thanks for feedback two
  4. Ace has to win. Long has to get fired with Lawler.
  5. I want Johnny's future endeavored shirt on WWEShop already.

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  6. Agreed windyfan
  7. Omg same. Punk and Cena need to watch out, his sales will be the top!
  8. Guys http:emoji_confused:/
    Unless you want the sleeveless version to put on a gun show like Johnny does every Monday night.
  9. Sleeveless ftw.
  10. Johnny Ace is a shoe in to win. Long is a jabroni
  11. Johnny Ace.

    Teddy Long has been GM for a long, long time. Ace has only been a "power figure" since last year. It's no question who should completely take over.
  12. Teddy Long! HOLLA HOLLA! PLAYER!
  13. :tagteammatch:
  14. Even Teddy is like WTF people voted for me.
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