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    Ben Ortiz was a high school freshman making his way to the auditorium for picture day when something happened that would change his life.

    Three older students jumped Ortiz and proceeded to pummel him with a flurry of fists to the face and rib-rattling kicks.

    After suffering a beating in addition to the indignity of having his sneakers stolen, Ortiz dusted himself off and limped to the auditorium, where the photographer saw the young man’s bloody, bruised face and wanted to get him help.

    Ortiz, however, had other ideas.

    “I told him to zoom in on my busted lip and black eye, because that was the last time anything like that was going to happen to me,” he said.

    Ortiz knew that if he was going to survive in Newburgh, N.Y., one of the most violent cities in America, he was going to have to make some drastic changes.

    That’s when young Ben Ortiz began to transform into a man of “Action.”

    “That day, I started making a list of victims,” he said. “Ever since then, if I want something, you’re either going to give it to me or I’m going to take it.”

    What Action Ortiz wants now is to win the Top Prospect Tournament, which awards an ROH contract and a shot at the ROH World Television Title to the victor.

    Ortiz, who defeated Leon St. Giovanni in the first round of the eight-man tournament, faces Brian Fury in the semifinals.

    “All I ever needed was the opportunity,” said Ortiz, who is 6-1 and 320 pounds. “This is a foot in the door, and I’m going to break down that door.”

    Ortiz, the first graduate of ECW legend Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore school, has had a relatively rapid rise in pro wrestling since making his debut at the National Pro Wrestling Day event in Philadelphia three years ago.

    Ortiz may not be a seasoned veteran in pro wrestling, but he is certainly no stranger to combat sports. He began his mixed martial arts training at American Top Team in Danbury, Ct., and went on to become a brown belt in jiu jitsu and win several local titles in Muay Thai.

    After eight years in MMA, Ortiz, decided to pursue a career in pro wrestling when Dreamer opened his school less than an hour from him.

    Once Ortiz began training at the House of Hardcore, it didn’t take long for Dreamer to realize that his student was going to be something special.

    “He is the real deal,” Dreamer said. “Ben reminds me of Bam Bam Bigelow and [former ROH World Champion] Samoa Joe. Given the right platform, Ben will be the next big thing in the wrestling business.”

    In addition to being a dangerous striker, Ortiz is remarkably agile for a man of his size.
    “There’s a reason my name is Action. I do a lot of things in the ring that a guy my size shouldn’t be able to do,” said Ortiz, whose ring attire is reminiscent of Bigelow’s. “I can do full dropkicks as well as some high-flying moves.

    Ortiz also made a strong impression at ROH tryout camps, where the best training staff in the world teaches unsigned competitors what it takes to make it in the sport.

    “Despite having a limited amount of time in the business, I knew I had the ability,” Ortiz said of his experience at the two-day camps. “I wasn’t just someone who paid the fee to show up. I belonged there. It reassured me that I was on the right path.”

    Standing in Ortiz’s path to the TPT finals is Fury, a 16-year veteran who is also the head trainer at the renowned New England Pro Wrestling Academy.

    Fury, who trained 2015 TPT winner Donovan Dijak, won a Proving Ground Match on ROH TV two and a half years ago to earn a shot at then-ROH TV Champion Matt Taven, but Ortiz said he isn’t the least bit intimidated.

    As far as Ortiz is concerned, Fury will be just another victim after he finds himself on the receiving end of the Kill Screen, a back suplex and cutter combination.

    “He’s not someone to overlook, but it took him 16 years to get here and it only took me three,” Ortiz said. “I have a bigger upside than he does.”

    As for the three guys who attacked Ortiz back in high school, well, let’s just say that he crossed them off his list years ago.

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