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    *Women's locker room*

    IWT's reporter Rachel Weaver enters with the cameraman.

    Rachel Weaver: Rita, how do you feel you did in the rumble?

    Rita: Obviously not well, since I didn't walk away with a title shot.

    Rachel Weaver: That's true, since it was your tag partner that eliminated you I have to ask, where does this leave the two of you?

    Rita: Exactly where we were before the Rumble. Am I pissed that I didn't win? Yes. But I'd rather Lee got the chance, more so than anybody else. We didn't enter as a team, it was every person for themselves.

    Rachel Weaver: Speaking of wins- your match against Marcus Anthony took rather a strange turn. From apparently not showing, to being discovered in a maintenance closet... what do you have to say about that? Some might suspect that it was all your doing in order to gain the win. It seems an awful coincidence that both B Dazzle and Marcus both happened to no show... especially considering that B Dazzle hasn't been seen since.

    Rita's eyes widen and her mouth hangs open, seemingly shocked at the accusations.

    Rita: How dare you insinuate such things. I don't need to turn to under handed behaviour to win matches. And if I so much as hear whisperings like that again, you can bet that you'll be handed a lawsuit- the size of which you have never imagined, let alone seen. Now if you'll excuse me.

    Rita opens up her locker and lets out a blood curdling scream before hurrying into a bathroom stall where she can be heard vomiting.

    The camera pans over to look into the locker, a gutted animal carcass is hanging inside with a note attached to it.

    The note reads:
    This is far from over. Your move, Bitch.

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