Adam vs DKJames - Steel Cage Match - VOTING!

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Who's your winner?

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  1. DKJames

  2. Adam568

  1. The following contest, is a steel cage match!

    Adam568 vs DKJames

    The rules for a steel cage match are:

    -No disqualifications, 'low blows' are encouraged
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Promos will last for 2 hours and there is NO LIMIT on how many you can write in that time.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours.

  2. Ill start if its okay
  3. OOC: Sure.
  4. *Adam's theme hits and he walks down the ramp, He circles the ring looking at the cage, He grabs it and shakes it making sure its secure, He hands his title to the ref and enters through the door of the steel cage*​
    Well well well. If he does decide to come out here we finally have this match! After weeks and weeks of him pussy footing around this match and making up excuse after excuse after excuse! He is finally forced to have this match, He has tried so desperately to get out of this match but has finally hit the roadblock on his road lies and hypocrisy, He cannot climb, Drive through or break this roadblock, This roadblock stops everyone and anyone trying to pull a fast one or trying to steal a win, No one steals from me! No one steals my wins, No one steals from a Hawk. Hawk's are fierce animals who kill who try and steal what we earn, I am no different you all should Beware Of The Hawk.... Hawk's are killers who feed off the blood, pain and torture of others... And as I stand in this ring staring at the steel surrounding me it makes me feel at home and makes me feel confident on my abilities in this match. I thought I was brutal in a street fight but who knows what kinda shit I can do in here... No interferences, No DQ, No Escape and more importantly NO LIMITS! I can do whatever I want to Mr. Joey Bryant and no one can stop me!​
    *Adam laughs like a psycho*​
    Hold on one minute!​
    *Adam gets out the cage and goes under the ring, He grabs a chair, Throws it in the ring, He grabs a kendo stick, throws it in the ring, grabs a trash can and throws it in the ring, he gets back in the ring*​
    All of these wonderful weapons at my disposal, Its .... Its... ITS WONDERFUL! I can hit him with everything I have a dominate him, I can choke him out with a kendo stick! Make him bleed with a steel chair! And slam him on top of a trash can! Im making a promise Joey all these things WILL and MUST happen here tonight, I will beat you... It will only go down in history as a win for me but for you... It will be the night you were carried off in an ambulance after your last match.....​
    *Adam walks around the ring, He is staring at this steel surrounding seeming at home*​
    Ive know you for a long time Joey... We have worked in many of the same places.. OCW, ICW, INA etc... But one sticks out in my mind the most and thats OCW... You remember OCW? I do... I remember you a lot. I was at the top of my game. I was OCW Champion! I was the leader of the group of dominated OCW! We had every title in OCW and there was you, You were just a young clueless child, Clawing your way at us claiming you were gonna take us down but it never happened did it? You didnt even get close! And its still the same, Im am the dominate species over you, Its never changed. I am and always will be better than you.....​
  5. *Joey Bryant walks down to the ring with a mic already in hand. He walks through the cage door and stands a couple feet in front of Adam. His music cuts off and he begins speaking.*
    "Whoa whoa whoa! Better than me? You act like you actually mean something here! This is coming from a rookie, so take it how you like, but I don't believe you have any right to judge who I am until you are able to beat me in the steel cage. So Adam... finally we meet inside a steel cage. This is what you've wanted right? To have the shot at me? Well you're wish has been granted but believe it or not, I've been craving a match against you as well. You run around IWT with your tag title acting like you're the shit when you're just the kid that nobody even thinks about. Sure, you've done some worthwhile things in IWT, congratulations. But in time, Joey Bryant is going to exceed what ever you have done. In fact, some would call it my destiny, Adam. You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. Somehow along the road you have to trust that the dots will connect in your favor and not in the favor of someone like you. You can throw whatever you want in this ring, hell you can bring out hornswoggle for all I care. Nothing is going to distract me from beating your ass in this ring."
    *Joey starts knocking on the steel cage to make sure it's secure. He nods his head in approval.*
    "You're right though, I have been doing this longer than most people think. I don't care what you have accomplished so far. I only care about what you're planning on doing this ring. You can pick up that steel chair and slam it on to my head, you can take that kendo stick and strike my back and while it will cause pain, I will just keep getting back up. You're a joke, you claim that I was trying to get out of this match. *He chuckles* Adam the moment that I deny a challenge is the moment that pigs fly and I was never hiding. Your history is not your destiny. At times, we are forced to go through a history of dependence, unable to determine our own destiny. But today, Adam, we are at the threshold of a new turning point. A turning point in favor of Joey Bryant. Because when I beat you, IWT's eyes are going to be on me. I'm going to be the kid that rose from rookie status and excelled to legend status and that all begins tonight..."
  6. *Adam laughs like a psycho*​
    Me a rookie? You have underestimated me good sir, I am anything but a rookie... I am the No.1 Contender for the X-Division championship, one half of the tag team champions, former OCW Champion and tonight I add another medal to my long list of achievements when I beat you here tonight.. Because your right, The whole IWTs eyes will be on you but not the way you want them to be! They will be turning their heads in disgust as I mutilate you! You have underestimated my power and seem to think that it doesnt exist but im telling you dont go into a match with that mindset, It will only hurt you more than it hurts me because pain is non existant in my body..... I dont feel pain as pain is a thing that effects the weak and poor and im not either of them, I am not effected by pain as it just doesnt register in my body. Pain is something felt by weak, defenceless people like yourself, I am not defenceless! I am a vengeful person and you have pissed the wrong person off, You wont like me when im pissed off, No one does! Except me, I love being pissed off as I release my anger and frustration out on someone and it pleases me, I love hurting people it gives me pure and utter pleasure. It verifies everything I say here when I hurt people, I have to prove something here and thats what I do to prove it!​
    I can connect dots, I connect dots in my life to get to where I am and I am connecting the dots to your future, I keep coming to the same conclusion, The same conclusion is that your career is over and it seems you cant understand or your refusing to understand out of sheer fear, You are scarred thats why you have waited until now, You have ran from this until you could prepare but preparation isnt key when facing me. When facing me you cannot let your guard down or get distracted. As soon as you lose focus, Ill be standing there ready with a chair to knock you out!​
    Tonight we do make history, Tonight is a turning point in our legacy! One legacy dies and one thrives, You want to take a guess? No point because its obvious to me and everyone else here that my legacy will go on and thrive as I feed off everyones sorrow and pain! Your just another person that I take down, I have taken down many before you and will take many more after you, You want examples? THE IWT CHAMPION VICTORIA PARKER! DANIELSON! DARTH! JACOB COLTON! Those are just a few of the people I have taken down and you think that if they couldnt beat me a rookie like you can? Thats just getting stupid. Thats why you will never compare to me, Idiotic things like that prove why I am better than you! You claim that I am the rookie buts thats idiotic, Since when was a rookie a former OCW World Champion? A current tag team champion? Never. The only rookie in this place is you.​
  7. "Damn straight I know I can beat you. You speak of vengeance, Adam. You said you were a vengeful person. Samuel Johnson once said a great quote and it was, "Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged, crimes are avenged." You made this challenge yourself, if you feel like you're the shit around here why want to battle a rookie? There must be only one reason and that's because you want to see what I got. You want to see if I'm just another kid from down the block or if I'm a kid that can actually stick around. Vengeance is not the point; change is. But the trouble is that in most people's minds the thought of victory and the though of punishing ones enemy conflicts with what's truly important and that's proving yourself. Instead of standing across from me with that big mouth, why don't you stop and think for a second. Stop and think about your past, all the opponents you have somehow beaten. Then take a look to the future, think of how you're about to lose to rookie and be humiliated in front of "your people". Please, Adam, you're a joke. I could beat you with one hand tied behind my back and my legs lacerated. If I want a big role in this company, I must prepare for it with a vengeance. Something you claim you're familiar with."​
    *He pauses and slowly paces looking at Adam.*​
    "Vengeance does not call for punishment. You seem to have the right mind set to win this match, but are you sure you really have what it takes? Maybe you should re-evaluate your theories and come back another day when the sun's shining and I have gold on my waist because right now it seems your talk is cheap. You stated one legacy dies and one legacy thrives, well unfortunately for you my legacy is just beginning and destiny never lies. I will achieve victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be. For without victory, there is no survival. Today you will realize you are insignificant and the era of Joey Bryant is only just beginning..."​
  8. And the promos are now CLOSED! Voting is open!
  9. There is no Era Of Joey Bryant! You dont deserve to even say that, I challenged you because you walked around here acting like you owned the place, I feed off of blood and pain and when opponents are as easy to beat as you... Of course I would have challenged you, You act like this the turning point in your career well many before you have said the same thing and they have been ended just as they started because the fact is you will never get gold around your waist, you ARE NOTHING, So dont act like you are, You will just get more hated and the pain that I will make you suffer will hurt even more because every time you act like you are something, The more you enrage me and as I said before I will destroy you and enraged I can do more than that. Each time you speak you just make things worse for yourself, I cannot wait for that timekeeper rings the bell and I unleash everything on you as I take my easy feed and move on because to me and everyone else thats all that you are, You will forever go down as Adam Hawk's Feed!​
    *The crowd boo*​
    You can boo all you want because it is true, This guy is nothing. Joey I watched you rise up from being a promising rookie to a nothingness screw up! Your parents must be ashamed of you, They must want to be sick every time they look at you! Wait whats that? There at ringside? Well that works out well for me!​
    *Adam walks out of the cage and walks to Joey's dad*​
    Hello there, You see if you have heard what I've been saying which I doubt because your an old bastard but you must have to agree with me in that your sons a screw up! Or are you going to deny it to spare his feelings eh? You arent gonna talk? Ah well thats a shame. Because you see Mr. Bryant your son is a fuck up, He is worthless and will never amount to anything! Just like you! Just like your wife! Just like your parents!​
    *Adam gets back in the ring*​
    Thats just it Joey its not just you its your whole family, You come from a family of fuck ups sitting in the streets begging for money! They are trying to spare your feelings but guess what, When I was growing up there was no one to spare my feelings I basically raised myself, But theres a difference, You come from a long line of fuck ups and you become one, I come from a long line of fuck ups but I make something of myself because im not a worthless little rat like you, You need to focus in this match to even try and beat me but you cant do that you cant beat me, Its not a claim its a god damn fact. You cant do it, You cant win, You cant beat me or anyone else. You are a fuck up Joey, You need to get it in your mind and stop denying the truth, The more you deny the more you fuck up your mind and become confused on whats the truth and whats a lie, The more confused and the more fucked up you get, The more weak you get and the easier it will be for me to beat you.​
    Tonight will be the highlight of your career, That big push you wanted and tried to earn, You finally main event against a champion, In your home town, But unfortunately for you, Your in a steel cage match against me. That push you wanted is going away as soon as you get it, This is your moment but we all know for a fact that you wont win tonight, You will just fuck up like you have for the last 28 years of your life and you can run back to your family as just another fuck up.​
  10. Wait, Voting shouldnt have opened until 8:17pm (Sorry for being exact) because it was opened at 6:17pm. I know im being really exact but I was making my final promo so it should count, I didnt see your post until I posted my promo :/
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  12. DKJames win or lose that was one hell of a match, Really enjoyed it :D
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  13. OOC: Agreed man. Glad I got to finally face ya.
  14. Same, Pretty awesome!