Adam Vs Jwab: Street Fight: Voting open!

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Who won this bout?

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  1. Adam

  2. Jwab

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall!​
    This match will be a street fight which means interference is ENCOURAGED after the first promos. 1 promo each. 12 hour voting session.​
    JwabTV will go first.​

  2. How many promos?
    What's the time limit?

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  4. Interesting...
  5. Who goes first m8?
  6. :facepalm:
  7. Sorry, I just read Adam vs. Jwab. I'm still half asleep lol
  8. How do we interfere?
  9. You cant till promos are done.
  10. *Jwab walks in*​
    *Jwab grabs the mic*​
    Jwab: Let me tell you all a story about Adam. *smirks* He claimed that he was 22. The Cure had no problem. He claimed he was a Doctor! The Cure still didn't care. We find out it's a 14 year old ginger with a lying tongue. STILL DIDN'T CARE! One thing that crossed the line. He claimed that he was a 14 year old pro wrestler with his first move was the FIsherman Suplexe. We confronted him. He lied, he swore up and down that you learn the fisherman suplexe. You don't put your life in the hands of a 14 year old. We beat him down and he ran. We came to IWT and found that he has found a new life. And we were on to him. He thinks that he is worthy of the X-Division title and the Tag Team titles and the Money In The Bank! He isn't worthy for any of those. The only reason he won the tag titles was because a fluke. A glitch in the system. A chink in the armor. The Cure is here to take the Tag Titles off of Adam! And to win all of the gold in IWT. Sure, we lost our first match. But it was against men that have been fighting there whole lifes. Right along with us. They won by luck. And now we are here to stop the main culprit of WWEF. An impostor amongst you. A ginger in the dark. Adam. I will crush you and I will bury you. It's over for you Fella. I'm going to walk out of here with a win over you. He is closer to the last chance of suicide. *Smiles* And I'll make sure that he doesn't kill himself. I'll kill him myself. He won't have no place to hide after today. I will rip apart your pride! I'll take your place and turn it into my own when I win the Tag Team titles. Bring it on! Have anyone come into this street fight to take me on! I'm feeling dangerous! You see Adam. You will regret that you ever accepted my match with you. Have fun, Cuz I'm ready for whatever you got!​
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  11. lik dis if u cri errytim
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  12. Adam just said the match is off on Skype. Does that mean I win by forfeit?
  13. No, You broke rules you agreed to before the match, I called it off because of that.
  14. We agreed that I never bring up the Ginger stuff OUTSIDE of IWT! I said that I wouldn't outside of IWT. But in IWT, It's all Kayfabe baby! It's a gimmick get over it. No need to freak out about everything and calling me a troll over a promo.
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  15. Come on man, continue the match. I'm excited as hell for this.
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  16. Thats bullshit, You agreed to nothing personal and no catfish shit. Its not happening.
  17. *Adam walks out with a mic*​
    Well hello there! Looks like you think some bullshit cheap shots will win you a match? Well dont get me started on a list of reasons why you will get no where with that shit. You think a couple of little things repeated will get you respect? You think it will earn you honour in this company? Well thats why I am here, Im here to show you how wrong you are. After all beating respect into people is kinda mah job so lets get on with it shall we? I saw you ya know, You started in the minor leagues. You started in INA and ICW but like I said there just minor league, Your cure is about to be extinct. This cure is just a load of bullshit, Wheres your take over eh? I dont see it? I see a group of scarred little bitches trying to make a name for themselves but hey guess what, Not happening. Im here with my fellow IWT members and we are curing the Cure. You see your Cure is full of poison and that poison is the piss running down your leg right now. You didt expect me to come out here did you? You expected to walk away after a few cheap shots but you added more fuel to the fire, Tonight you will need to reach inside yourself and find that inner monster and unleash him to try and take a win but that aint enough to take me down! Hell it aint even enough to make me stumble, You are nothing but a piece of shit from the alleyway outside, You are here for a quick buck arent you? Are you that hopeless? Are you that pitiful that you need to crawl out the sewer you were born in for money? You know, Winners EARN money, Winners EARN respect, Winners EARN titles and whats that? Oh right then theres this little nugget around my waist, And this briefcase for the X-Division title in my hand. I earned my place, I earned my respect and I earned MY TITLES AND YOU WILL NOT TEAR DOWN WHAT I WORKED TO BUILD! You cannot compare to what me, Jacob and the rest of the IWT roster can do, In that ring, On this mic and everywhere else for that matter! You are a scrounging little bitch, The only thing you have left is your dignity, And after this match, When your lying in a pool of blood and your own piss, You wont even have that! You are just some trailer park scum who sneaked into the company with the target set on one man, That man is me, This is your chance to make a name for yourself, This is that chance you have been begging for, The chance you did everything to try and get. You may not have earned this match but by god is it going to happen.. As a wise man once said "To be the man, You gotta beat the man" and you cant be the man till you beat me and we both know you cant even do that!​
  18. I'm actually going to judge promo wise, also, thanks Adam for opening this thread.
  19. No problem
    No more promos but interuptions are still encouraged.