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    Now that the old groups are back, adding users to your group must be done a little differently.
    For now, you must fill out the following,

    [COLOR=#ff8000]Username of member to add[/COLOR]:
    [COLOR=#00ff00]To group[/COLOR]:
    Myself, @Solid Snake or @Stopspot will add the user to the group.

    Thank you.
  2. List of the current groups would be fly.
  3. Team Showoff = Wouldn't try cause I know you won't get it
    Deadman's Hand
    American Dragon
    Super Pipebomb
  4. Da pipebomb is back?
  5. Uhh idk i wanna try and get gohan back on, but idk how. I have an idea, but it's up to staff.
  6. PM him on YouTube. Would be great to have him back.
  7. he messages me on skype. I just don't respond cause I'm not on it a lot/at all.
  8. If only I could be in a group... ):
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  9. Are you a fan of Daniel Bryan? If so, pretty sure @Danielson will have nothing against adding you to the group.
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  10. Lovely
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  11. :yesyes:AHH! OF COURSE! THE BENOIT WANNABE! (Just kidding BTW)

    But yeah, I like Bryan. He is in my top 10, and he's pretty high up in it.
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  13. Think you need to be added back as leader. @Solidus
  14. I would like to be in the NEW Repackaged SUPER PIPEBOMB! DAMN IT! BOLDSHIT IF NOT BAK!!!

    Do we still have the count to 10000 thread? :haha: Only thing keeping it alive
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  16. He was supposed to tag you hours ago. Step your game up Jabri.:reigns:
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  17. I'm really high right now and I've been watching this, so pardon
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  18. Username of member to add: @deth
    To group: DX
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