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  1. *The screen to the titantron fades in, and the three members of Sin are sitting at a table at Midas' sky-bar. Andrew who is dressed casually is seated in the center and holds a letter in his hands*


    My name is Andrew and this is my statement:

    On Monday September the eighth of 2014, I verbally and violently attacked a competitor from The IWT, most notably Michael. Due to the severity of my actions, for which I am solely and completely responsible, IWT Officials enforced to not do anything at all. I accepted this, and I greatly and deeply apologize for my actions. I will not deny what I have done nor do I ask for your forgiveness, all I can hope for is that in time, I may be able to earn back the trust from the IWT Competitors, the IWT Staff and the IWT faithful. Not only have I let down the IWT and the fans, but I also have disappointed my family, to my parents I apologize for misrepresenting the morals and ethics that you have bestowed upon me. To my sister, I apologize for not having the wherewithal to consider the consequences of my actions. Furthermore and most importantly, I apologize to you Michael. Who for all intensive purposes suffered more mental and emotional damage than anyone due to my actions. I wish you a speedy and full recovery. I'm sorry to your family, your friends, and all of your fans.

    I believe every person is entitled to a second chance. Most people know my story by now, but for those of you who don't, I would like to share something with you. And I'm not sharing this story in a cry for help nor am I asking for your sympathy. I'm simply trying to let you into my mind. Last year, I was in a very bad place, due to losing the World title, I fell into an anger problem, which led me to deeply hurting people. Well I have since been able to overcome my anger problems but I still battle with hurting people to this day. This year as a result of my past anger problems and my lasting battle with hurting people, I was diagnosed with a severe rage problem, otherwise referred to as Intermittent explosive disorder. The symptoms typically involve personality or mood changes, withdrawal, and sometimes obsessive behavior and a crude use of the English language. I have not and will not use my disease as an excuse for my actions, but the fact of the matter is, my last true memory from Monday Night here IWT was seeing Michael lunging himself at me and subsequently blacking out.

    Monday was a true eye-opener for me, I have thought long and hard about walking away from the company that is the IWT, but after speaking with close family and friends, we collectively decided, that I would stay in the IWT, while simultaneously getting help for my condition. My fear is that walking away from IWT in it's entirety would truly throw me in a downward spiral of emotional instability. Therefore, for the time being, I will continue to remain a IWT competitor. I hoped that this occurrence in IWT was a good thing. The truth, the pressures and expectations of being a IWT wrestler have considerably worsened my conditions.

    For the past year, I have petitioned to the owners, asking time and time again to play a bigger role on this company. I wanted to represent the IWT, to take part in PR for the promotion, and to truly become an executive of the IWT brand. And time and time again I've been told I'm not personable enough, I'm too unstable, or that my personality is too extrovert. These comments used to make me irate. It is time I face my reality, and closing I'd like to thank my partners for their support. For now, I will continue to serve as a IWT competitor, and once both parties agree, when the time is right, I will be on good terms with the IWT.

    Thank you.

    ~With Love, Andrew.

    *He lays down the letter and playfully waves as the titantron fades out*
    OOC: This was based off a Ciampa promo, lol.
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