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  1. The crowd is shown as the camera come's back from commercial. A blast of pyro goes off as the titantron hits. The crowd instantly cheers loudly as #Aids comes across the titantron, as the intro begins.

    Aids Johnson walks out in his in-ring attire, as the crowd pops loudly all throughout the arena. Aids stops at the top of the ring, throwing up both arms while talking trash at the camera, before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. He slides his botttle under the ropes, causing confusion by the ring crew, before pulling the microphone out of his side pocket. Aids hits both corners as the crowd gives a pop each time, before walking a few circles in the center of the ring, holding up the microphone.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we are only days away from IWT Uprising (crowd pop) and while many have added to the card, there are a few name's i see who are confusingly silent. Now there is plenty of time to contribute, but I am here tonight as the talent relations manager. I came out here ready for a fight, but if it does not present itself, I will go back to my suit and tie readily.

    Here are the rules for this next week in the IWT. You will show up on time for your match. You will contribute to the other matches around you, and you will gladly let them know where you stand, because the same will be expected of them during your match. It might come off as an asshole statement but for those of you who already do this, the message is nothing new and isn't even directed at you.

    But the one's who come for your match and then leave the arena, this is the message I hope you hear loud and clear. The night doesn't start and end with your match. You will give the other wrestlers their dues, or the authority will come down on you gladly. I have an open schedule and don't mind bringing my shovel with me to Money in the Bank. I am not saying you need to be here for 100% of the card, but 80% is what is expected.

    Contribute in one way or another. If you aren't holding up a pen and paper and picking who you chose as winner, make sure we know you were there for the other matches with a shout out after the match concludes. Win, lose, or draw, I am here tonight asking every IWT competitor to help the cause by being active and loud during this uprising and the MITB ppv after, our #'s are not what they once were and you are the one's who can change that.

    *Aids takes a few steps back, looking down at the IWT logo on the mat. He takes a second before holding his mic back up again* Let's get the IWT back where it belongs. Goodnight.
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