Addressing The Drama

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  1. Yesterday night saw me incredibly stressed due to a couple of incidents that led to the high-profile user "Big Hoss Rambler" being banned. This is not a joke, but I can't reveal 100% why he was banned as it involves legal reasons as well as forum reasons. The forum reasons are clear; he abused his powers given to him and was bullying a well known member here. Despite what you guys think of Gohan, bullying is not acceptable.

    You guys might be shocked at his replacement @"Respect Gohan6425" but please remember he isn't an Admin based on his forum quality, he is an admin based on his YouTube popularity. He is a great resource to the site and will bring new members from his YouTube channel.

    Thanks for understanding. No, I will not reveal the legal reasons yet regarding Hoss; that could land us in trouble.
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  2. So now...what powers has Gohan now?
  3. Shocked you even told us this much. Not really our buisness, and I respect your decision.
  4. He can't ban members, I'm not that stupid. He has the powers he needs to help market the site on YouTube.
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  5. I, for one.... welcome our new supreme overlord!
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  6. Gohan is our super marketing admin now.

    As for Hoss. Please don't ask any of us to reveal what went down. It is some serious business.
  7. Thanks You Crayo! I make u prouted! Uwill not regret this deaison! I proisten to be respectful to all member and be reabiliy with this power. b/c being a mod come reabiliy. something hoss was bad at doing!
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  8. Eat your heart out everyone
  9. why can't i post stautes? or look at pm?
  10. Are you gonna stop using CAPS ?
  11. i can't post stautes or look at pm!? WTF!?
  12. @crayo why can't post staues or look at pm!? WTF!?
  13. Huh, so that's why Hoss was banned.
  14. Hold on Gohan. They probably need to configure your account now that you are admin.
  15. LMFAO, so funny.
  16. Gohan promoting the site on youtube sounds a great idea tbh.

    Congrats Gohan.
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  17. ur mums a work

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    in bed
  18. Are you turning face?
  19. If this is a dream, please wake me up right now!? :pipebomb: