Storyline Addressing the people

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  1. Everything goes black while the song plays. Farooq makes his way onto the stage on a horse with some crew members, the crowd cheers as he appears to have a green tunic with white tights on. He also appears to have a replica of the Master Sword on his back. Farooq gets off the horse and walks down the ramp, clapping hands with the fans. He makes his way into the ring, drawing the sword and pointing it to the titantron. Most of the crowd, a bit baffled at what they see.

    "What? You guys didn't watch E3?" Farooq says as some of the crowd pops a bit. "Well, lets get started. I was down for a good while, with my match with Sackfist and all people have been asking me, 'Farooq how did it feel to lose? You're going into the next pay-per-view with losts are you scared?'" Farooq says looking onto the crowd, "And I'll answer those questions now, how does it feel? What do you think it felt? It was a hell of a match and I lost. We gave it our all, and for that night I didn't give it enough. Does that discourage me? Not at all. Mike Tyson, lost at one point, but is a living legend. Muhammad Ali, one of the best fighters to most people, lost matches. Every football team, basketball team, baseball team." He says before shaking his head. "Nobody is perfect, I never once claimed to be perfect so obviously I'm going to lose."

    "I'm not making up any excuses, I should have put more into that match, but hell. It's not going to stop me from getting that IWT Championship. I don't care what I have to do, I'm just here to let everybody know one thing. There can only be one, one IWT Champion and one head of the company." Farooq says before drawing the blade out and pointing it at the titantron again. "And it's going to" He says sheathing the sword once more before dropping the microphone.

    The crowd cheers as Farooq chuckles. "This sword is badass." He says to one of the workers before stepping out of the ring.
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