ADR possibly out of No Way Out

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  1. ADR might be out of No Way Out with concussion, not really much info on it so I wont post a quote but you can read the source new to this really so sorry for lack of info.
  2. DZ would be a good shout to replace him, although this seems like guess work imo.
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  3. Thanks for posting that, another rumor is a battle royal to see who faces him.
    Tbh it doesnt really make a differance, Sheamus' and ADR's feud has been pretty much non-existent.
    I understand its not much to go off but thought i might as well see what you guys think about it.
  4. Yeah I was listening to Bryan and Dave earlier, Dave was pretty convinced he could be out.
  5. Keep Dolph away from that pale redheaded burying machine
  6. Nobody sells a brogue kick burial like Dolph.
  7. I'm being crazy here, but have Dolph beat Swagger in 10 minutes, win a battle royal in some clever but cowardly way, then push Sheamus to the limit for 20 minutes, only losing after bragging causing him to get hit with a surprise brogue kick. It would make Dolph seem pretty legit going in a decent length match with the dominating WHC after 2 other matches. Gives him so much to brag about, especially how Sheamus only beat him because of his fatigue.
  8. This, i would mark so much if that happened.
  9. DZ won't be facing Sheamus at NWO. Trust me.
  10. DZ in 3 matches in one night? Sign me up
  11. Never claimed him to be, it was more of a general idea.
  12. Just saying, before all you marks get your hopes up.
  13. You never know, if ADR is out then Sheamus needs a match and WWE need a midcarder who isnt currently involved in a feud, and Sheamus and DZ put on a great match on both Raw and Smackdown. So why not?
  14. I'm not interested in alboreto hell pls no at all, so anyone else facing sheamus is a bonus to me. I'd mark hard for A-Ri, Yoshi Tatsu or ziggler.. but we all know who would win regardless of who faces him.
  15. Exactly.

    And my hopes aren't up, I don't want it to happen. I'd much rather see DZ vs Swagger; at least that's a match where Ziggler would go over and develop his character, allowing him to drop Swagger/VIckie
  16. Great idea. What would the battle royal be for though?

    Edit: Derp, the right to face Sheamful. I see.
  17. Seems though that Swagger is the one that's been dropped by the two. He came out solo on Superstars, then again it's superstars so one cannot really know.
  18. I'll kick a baby in the throat if Dolph still keeps Vickie around [​IMG]
  19. ...Wow this really puts a damper on my bet w/ Crayo.
  20. I hope it's true. I don't want Sheamus to bury him.