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  1. I've discussed this with numerous people around here, and most of us are in agreement. The MITB should have some sort of advantage other than just giving the holder a championship match. Most of us seemed to agree with the idea that the person cashing in gets 2 promos where the champion gets 1. The person cashing in irl is always at an advantage, and just a normal match takes away from that realistic feeling.

    @Trip in the Head @Delik thoughts on this?
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  2. Funnily enough Trip and I discussed this recently, I thought that the MITB holder should be able to promo any time and if the champ doesn't respond within x-amount of time they automatically win. I like your idea of 2v1 promos, also, however.

    The MITB contract definitely needs a 'buff' in it's advantage.
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  3. I had that in mind the second I saw the title of the thread.

  4. I kindly disagree :otunga:
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  5. Shouldn't concern you because you're about to lose to DK
  6. Oh yeah. Right.
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  7. I think it already has an advantage. If someone isn't online they can cash in and win the title just on that. Part of having MITB is waiting for the right moment. If WWE MITB let one competitor use weapons and the other couldn't then cash ins would be almost automatic. I think the briefcases already have an advantage on them and adding anything to them would just make them unbalance. I can see the want for it because Nick and Gav are now sitting on this briefcases waiting, but that's how the real thing is run, Anyone who needs anymore advantage than that will just end up losing when the champion cashes in their rematch clause.
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  8. I thought the idea was that you can vote for yourself? That could have just been in the back of my head.
  9. I was under the impression of this too, but a few weeks back I was talking to THG and he said they weren't going to allow that if the champ couldn't get a promo out.
  10. :dafuq:
  11. The champ would get a time limit when briefcase is cashed in IIRC @Delik ? No answer = loss
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  12. correct
  13. Was it 1 promo each when I cashed in on VP? One would assume the cash in would be a promo and then the final promo would be the briefcase holder, either 3-2 or 2-1.
  14. @Nickelodeon just think if we Both had cashed in earlier the summerslam main event could have been for nothing and we'd be both standing here as champs
  15. You should both cash in right now! lol
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