News Advice to wrestlers wanting to be signed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. So basically:
    Do cardio.
    Don't roid.
    Learn how to tell a story.
    Don't cause trouble online.
  2. Interesting how this relates to a guy like Ryback.

    Cardio? Well...

    Roids? Um...

    Storytelling? Er...

    Twitter? lol

    Makes you wonder how he even got into developmental, let alone got through it.
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  3. Well he did spend 8 years in it, they mostly called him up to get rid of him.
  4. errrr that should be common sense. Ohno, Rhyno, HBK, Ryback (recently) Jericho does it perfectly though.
  5. Sounds perfect for the landscape they're in. You gotta be able to look good, tell a story, go for 60 minutes then not ruin the ending on twitter. Then of course you leave Vince's office and head out to the ring.
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  6. This is like common sense to me. Of course you should workout and not use steriods, be careful on Twitter, work on cardio to last longer in matches and be creative without relying on cussing. I guess they need to make it more clear to others though lol.
  7. So, don't be Ryback. Gotcha
  8. No kidding?
  9. Oh really? What about Vince's pet project fandango?
    Cardio: never been in a long match
    Roids: possible
    Storytelling: nope
    Twitter: who cares

    I call BS on this story. If you have "it", you have "it". You think they wouldn't have signed a 20 year old warrior right now with the same charisma. Of course they would.
  10. Cute to give them something to strive for, but HHH is going to go for guys he thinks have 'it' and its as simple as that.
  11. Also make sure that you have the charisma and mic skills of Randy Orton.