Aesop Rock: Skelethon

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  1. This thread is twofold. One- I want to have Crayo post his opinion on the album when he gets around to listening to it. Two- anyone who likes rap needs to get this album. If you like off the wall beats that you don't usually hear, amazing lyrics that are filled with idioms and will make you think, and unique yet amazing flow, give Aesop a try. He isn't going to spoon feed you hooks and dumb down his beats, so if you are a big fan of candy rap where guys come up with their shit by reading their rapping pocket dictionary, need not apply here.

    This vid gives a preview of the songs

    PM me if you need a hook up. I feel like a rotten bastard for torrenting this album. Honestly I think I'll go buy it here pretty soon. It came out last month and hasn't left the CD Player in my truck yet. Aesop deserves my $15