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  1. Jan 20th 3 PM EST

    San Franciso 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons

    The Atlanta Falcons lets a big lead slip in the final minute against the seahawks but managed to rally to kick the game winning field goal, while the 49ers rolled against the packers. The 49ers Defense is going to give Matt Ryan all he can handle. Ryan coming off his first playoff victory, plans to keep on rolling

    SAN FRANCISO 49ers

    Jan 20th 6:30 PM EST

    Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

    Ray Lewis continues his final quest for his second suberbowl. Could this be his last game ever as a Raven? Or can they avenge last years crushing AFC championship loss to the same Patriots. Tom Brady became the most winning playoff QB in the history of the NFL, passing his childhood idol, Joe Montana. What gives? Great Defense vs Great Offense

    Baltimore Ravens

    5-3 in predictions thus far.
  2. Ravens going all the way, they'll be champs this year.
  3. I'm not sure who I like yet. I want to wait to make sure there are no big injuries next game. I picked these two teams based on one thing, that I learned very young. Defense wins championships.
  4. They just have a destiny feel to them. :ADR:
  5. :obama: approved
  6. Ravens looking like a stronger pick. Gronkowski To miss the rest of the post season, re-breaking his forearm
  7. 49'ers/Patriots
  8. I think Ray Lewis is going to get a ring this year. :ANGRY:
  9. Just realized that the head coach for SF and Baltimore are brothers. lol
  10. I can only imagine his speech if that happens :facepalm:

    Great player though, I wouldn't mind seeing him go out with a ring :obama:

    If the Pats don't win this year, I'm sure they're going to get a lot of shit :pity1:
  11. Pats are fine until Brady retires. They go to a lot of bowls but havent won any recently
  12. They keep blowing it in the Super Bowls. Shame. They'd be so much more legendary.
  13. They keep blowing it to my favorite team though :gusta:
  14. Ravens = DESTINY! :ADR:
  15. @"senhor Perfect" Will the brothers be coaching against eachother in the bowl?
  16. [​IMG]
  17. :obama: I'm happy both games are on the same day.
  18. Can't wait for this!

    But if the Ravens can duplicate what they did on offense last week, there's no way the Pats' secondary can keep up. Should be another shootout in Foxborough.
    Oh, and who's Bernard Pollard going to injure this time?

    If you're gambling, throw some money on Atlanta. The public is definitely overreacting to that beatdown the Niners put on the Packers and forgetting that Atlanta's good.

    Both games should be phenomenal, as usual.
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  19. Ahh, not that interested, but that's because im a hater. Im hoping niners vs Ravens and Baltimore takes it.
  20. The atl/sf game is going to be interesting. I always pick the defensive teams in the playoffs, which is why I went SF. We will see though. I like what you said though, sounded good.