Afro Samurai

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  1. Anybody watched this show? If you haven't it's a pretty good show, it's an anime, and it's very gory. Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson it's about a samurai who wants to get the headband that represents being the best in the world since his father had it and his dad was killed right in front of him and stripped of the head band from his head. Afro has a headband that means he can challenge the guy who has the number 1 headband, but it also means everyone in the world can challenge Afro, and if they kill him they get it and can challenge number 1.
  2. :obama: ill add some episodes to the synchtube playlist and we can watch them sometime if you want :obama:
  3. Like I said though dude, very gory, the guy who got killed in front his son, he died by having his head cut off and the head lands in front of the kid.
  4. Just the kind of stuff i like :obama:
  5. :sweet: SWEEEETTT
  6. no not really that stuff makes my sperm babies cry :((
  7. :(( It's okay, it's not meant for women genitals.