Kayfabe After Buster Gates vs Alice Xander

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  1. *Buster is handed the Undisputed Championship from the referee after a hard fought match. He signals for a microphone.*
    Buster Gates: FINALLY! Finally I have proved what I have been saying all along!
    *Buster takes a second to catch his breath as the audience boo.*
    Buster Gates: I've been telling you for WEEKS that I would become Undisputed Champion, and... Here we are... Alice Xander, i'll give you that much, you're a tough as hell opponent. But just not quite good enough... You see this Championship here? This is MINE! And now... Now I'm leaving for good. HIT MY MUSIC!
    *Buster's music hits. He stands on the top rope as confetti falls from the ceiling. He exits the ring and scrambles up the ramp. A car appears to the side of the ramp and beeps the horn. Reginald is seen inside. Buster points to the car and smiles. He walks over and climbs in. The camera follows the car heading backstage and straight out the arena with Buster holding the Championship up through the sun roof. The car screeches around the corner, and with that Buster was gone with the title.*
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