After Daniel Bryan finally gets his title reign, who will be next?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by MsShield, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I know Daniel Bryan will get what he wants and he deserves it very much. When he finally gets the title, I know he will hold it for a few months, but who do think will be after him to get it next? I say Cody Rhodes. He deserved to win the money in the bank, way more than Sandow, and makes a great face.
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  2. Reigns, by far.
  3. Cena, probably. He needs his win back.
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  4. Ron Simmons!
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  5. Zack Ryder! 1 million twitter followers bro!
  6. I want Bryan to get a good run with the title first, but I'd really Reigns to get the title after him.
  7. It all depends on when Bryan wins it. But yeah, I can totally see him dropping it to Cena in a rematch so that they can say that Cena has obtained a victory over Bryan (since they want Cena to be able to claim he's defeated every serious contender at some point or another.) Either way, I expect Cena to walk into WM31 with the title and drop it to Reigns. So whether Bryan defeats Batista eventually and then drops it to Cena or whether Brock himself defeats Batista (they're talking about doing that match later in the year, as you'd expect) and then drops it to Cena by the end of the year, Cena will be champion for at least 3-4 months (if not more) heading into WM31 so that he can put over Reigns huge imo.
  8. Reigns or Wyatt.
  9. Reigns isn't ready you noobs. Ignore my sig. Like my man Lockard says, WM 31 should be Reigns over Cena for the belt. Any lesser Reigns title win feels beneath the future of the company.
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  10. Also, are we even safe to assume DB is going to get a title reign?? :bury:
  11. I thought the question was who is the next champion who hasn't held the title before. Yeah, it will probably be Batista/Cena/Lesnar.
  12. Are people operating under the assumption that DB is the one to take the belt off of Batista after he beats Orton?
    Sandow has 2X the mic skills Cody has and works just as hard!

    I want it to be Brock Lesnar if I'm being completely honest.
  14. Brock needs a title run. I really hope he gets into the chamber (easiest way to book it is to beat the fuck out of christian and take his spot) and wins to set up he vs Batista. Going from Orton to Brock is like going from Kevin Kolb at QB to Dan Marino
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  15. I do like Christian personally, but I have to agree with you it would be soo much better for business if Brock was in there instead.. Christian had his whole "One More Match" ordeal already with ADR, they can't seriously try and pull that shit off again in this short of time.. Also I would mark so much harder for Brock/Batista over Orton/Batista anyday, I'm trying to actually watch WM, not fall asleep during the main event you know?
  16. I think Bryan wins the title at EC... defends it in a triple threat with Batista and Orton at WM30 and retains.... I don't see Lesnar getting a title reign as he is a part timer who is only there at this time to end Taker's streak at WM30... after that he goes back to UFC, he could be back in 6 months or so after he gets his ass kicked a couple times in the octagon. At Extreme Rules Bryan defends against Batista and loses the title... the next night on RAW the rematch takes place and he does not win it back, therefore removing him from the title picture for a while. Batista vs Cena is the next title match at Payback... Batista retains the 1st time and they rematch at Money in the Bank... Cena wins the title at MITB and Reigns wins the briefcase. Cena retains through the next 4 PPVs and then drops the title to a returning Lesnar at Survivor Series. We finally get our Brock/Batista match at TLC 2014... Batista wins the tile off Brock... at Royal Rumble 2015.. Brock wins the title back in the rematch... Cena wins the Rumble. WM31 Cena vs Lesnar... brutal match but Cena does the Superman thing and somehow comes out with the win,,, he's exhausted... Reigns' music hits and here he comes with the MITB briefcase... He turns it in.. Cena stands up.. the ref signals the bell... Reigns immediately hits Cena with the Superman punch... and Cena kicks out... frustrated Reigns gets into a corner of the ring and waits for Cena to stand again... and HE HIT THE SPEAR HE HIT THE SPEAR!! 1....2....3.... and Reigns is the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WM 31.

    There you go folks!
  17. Not sure which part of your post is most ridiculous but I'll just point out that Brock isn't going back to the UFC lol.
  18. Oh he will..... I don't care what Dana White has said.... Brock has said he wants to go back... and White won't refuse him and turn down the potential revenue.... but this is off topic.

    So what else did you find "ridiculous" about my post?